27 January 2007

And visualized a heaven...

I have been listening to way too much of Squeeze in the car again. It's bad when my son starts singing, "she always goes to discos but she's never on her own" Momma, what's a disco? At least it's not New Order and I start crying.Feb 2006 post


Here we go again. The house is back up on the market as of yesterday. This morning we had a viewing at 9am-10am. I'm still in my jammy's until 11 on Saturday. Saturday?! Who goes out that early? Jos had to go tend to some work at Grand Central today. Check out his blog later. So it was me, little man and big ole Emily driving around at 9 in the morning. Oh-and I haven't mentioned it has been like -3F here AND I have no heat in my car. It's really fun. The poor cat who gets car sick, stays at home, trapped in a car carrier. Ironic is it not. Car carrier but he cannot travel. The little man and I went and had a very special Valentines doughnut at D and D and read a very silly cat book. Some old man sat in the corner watching us and I got creeped out. We left quickly.


Rose said...

Oh man, I just have my fingers crossed that you sell quickly and don't have to go through this annoyance for too long. I guess you are having to do that cosmetic tidying every time before a showing as well. All that "no clutter" bullshit - like packing your lives away so it looks like nobody lives in the house. All seems weird. So, I hope it sells soon for you. That's no way to live!

I know that Squeeze song, but I can't manage to locate the tune. I think I'm gonna have to seek that one out...

paintergirl said...

God bless you Rose. It's like living in a bubble. Maybe should retitle my blog "Trapped in a bubbleworld"
No art, no toys, no hair, no animals, no food, no papers, no photos. It's insane, and it makes me neurotic. I get so caught up into keeping the house ready that my creative energy gets zapped. I just cannot stop listening to Squeeze in the car. Did you find the song? One of my fav's-Slap and Tickle.

kristen said...

I hope your house sells quickly PG and you and Melvin can get the hell out of dodge. I heart Squeeze.

paintergirl said...

Oh Kristen thank you so much. I'm afraid it's getting worse up here. Not the best for wee ones. Squeeze has some of the best witty lyrics.

JC said...

Squeeze - ha! Last week was Jools Holland's birthday but I didn't put him on my list because I didn't think anyone would know who he was! I'm actually not all that familiar with their stuff.

Good luck with the house.

No heat in the car? Cripes!

paintergirl said...

jc-ah Jools, that's so funny-I love that man. I saw pics of him at some award ceremony and he was all lovey with Chrissie Hynde. Do you remember a show he had with David Sanborn?
No heat does not equal fun, but I think my blood is getting thicker so I must be getting used to it.

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