25 January 2007

she wants... drinks for everyone....

After this huge massive frenzy to get so many things done lately, I had to treat myself to a guilty pleasure the other night. Then I started thinking about some other guilty pleasures and I wanted to make a little list.

Favorite movie-The Graduate
I watched this on a little black and white tv alone in my bedroom when I was 16. It changed my life. I could watch it 100 times and it would never get old.

Favorite guilty pleasure movie-Sweet Home Alabama
I know, I know. This is what I watched the other night. I just love this movie and it's so sweet. It has something to do with being from Florida and having lived in Atlanta. Piggly Wiggly was once a part of my vocabulary.

Favorite book-A Town Like Alice
There are few books that I would read over and over, and this is one of them. Stories about WW2 are fascinating to me. I enjoy this one because the heroine is British. Based on true happenings too.

Favorite guilty pleasure book-Cosmos Bedside Astrologer
Now I'm really showing the world how deep and meaningful I am. I have read this every year since I was 18. (The link isn't showing the magazine pullout.)There is something very girly about getting this, and I hope I never stop liking it.

Favorite song-Terrapin
This one is hard but I find myself humming this when my mind is blank. I could think of many Beach Boys, or Beatles or Bowie tunes (and that's just the B's). I love this song by Syd Barret and it always makes me smile.

Favorite guilty pleasure song-Our Lips are Sealed
Yep I heart the Go Gos. I'm jealous because I always wanted to have a band and damn if this song doesn't always make me get up and dance.

I most definitely tag jc, kiki, and rose.


holli said...

Why can I not place Terrapin?

I actually loved Sweet Home Alabama too.. and The Go-Go's reference brought a smile to my face. I remember go-going to see them in concert and totally freaking out.

My word verification was "spafix" which is something I would really like to have right now - a spa fix!

paintergirl said...

Holli-I'm trying to mentally sing this to you. "well oh baby my hairs on end about you"I'll sing it out loud if that helps. You went to see the go gos? They are so spunky-that belinda carlise is cute as a button.
spafix-ha, we all need one!

JC said...

egads I've been tagged. I'm going to have to think about some of these!

Never seen SHA.

I liked the Go Go's back in the day.

Rose said...

Tagged! Go the Go-Gos!!!

paintergirl said...

jc-oh it will be fun. SHA is a bit girlie and mushy, but Reese is pretty darn cute, she's not Zooey I know but she's cute. I kinda like Josh myself.

Rose! Rose did it, Rose did it. And now she has a pic of a giant paper mache flea on her blog.

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