03 February 2006

I was young and you were old...

1-Cleaning up today and I found this pic of a painting I did about 10 years ago. I don't think I was angry at the time, but somehow it makes me think I was. I like it though. It's in dire need of some TLC.

2-I know I have been listening way too much of New Order lately and this pushed me.

In the car I heard-

"Oh, how I cannot bear the thought of you
I said, oh, how I cannot bear the thought of you

As we get old, we lose our place
Reflecting back the world's disgrace
I feel so low, I feel so humble
Sometimes in life we take a tumble
Don't let anybody tell you that you're no good
Cause you know they would
Don't let anybody tell you what you should do
Cause it's not that way and..."

I cried. I cried because I don't want to be this song and sometimes I feel that I am.


Rose said...

I kinda like the postivity of some of those words though - feeling "humble" is no bad thing. Music switches you into a mood so easily. I have problems choosing what to listen to when I'm feeling sad. I flick past Elliot Smith, past Low, past so many things on my CD shelves. I end up listening to old comfortable things from my younger years - been listening to Bowie and Neil Young - like an old cardigan that is worn out and tatty but still fits and is so so comforting.

Don't fret about crying - it's good for you. I feel so much better after having one.

I think I've said this before - D and I had two records in common when we merged out collections back in 97 - New Order Blue Monday EP and The Fall's I am Kurious, Oranj.

laurenbove said...

Boy do I hear you. I cry everytime that freaking Chase commercial comes on with that cruel f'ing five for fighting song, 100 years "I'm fifteen years for a moment...


RitaPita said...

I can see the anger in the painting.. I felt it before I read the post.

I love that-
"Don't let anybody tell you that you're no good
Cause you know they would

I posted something for you at my site pg.

acumamakiki said...

I love New Order.

paintergirl said...

Rose-You know it's funny because for a few weeks now I have just been wanting to listen to New Order, and I just couldn't do it anymore. So I took your advice and listened to something that I really loved when I was a kid, and I pulled out our Madness LP. I was surprised that I rememberd all the lyrics. That helped me a great deal.

Lauren-I hate it when commercials do that. The ad execs do it on purpose. Like we don't have enough sad things in the world, right?

Rita-the painting is an odd one because it's based on a set poems called the triptyh and this one is easter sunday. the poet is talks of lions devouring an animal on the plains. It's always fascinated me, and I'm pleased with this piece.

Acu-Hey have you ever seen them in concert? I went once in college. I think my Low Life cassette is from my college days. I used to listen to it all the time in the studio.

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