26 September 2012

The Lost Movie

I had the best dream two nights ago and I'm certain it was a movie. I'm losing details about it as the days go by. I love French New Wave films, and lately we've been watching The Comic Strip Presents series, so the dream was a cross breed of both. It was lovely and weird. It has to be a lost film from the seventies. (I know technically the FNW was between the 50's-60's, but it had the same feel.)
The premise, a very wealthy young woman was madly in love with a young man, who for whatever reason is completely unemployable. There seems to be no cause for his unemployability. He adores the girl and would do anything for her. The male lead is the fantastic Jean-Louis Trintignant. If you haven't seen The Conformist, do yourself a favor and check it out. The cinematography for the film gives me goosebumps.

At one point my dream was so detailed I could see the sweat on Jean's face. He was sleeping with the covers over his head and the camera zoomed in on him. I could taste the perspiration.

My dream unfortunately did not end. Tragedy abounds with these type of films, but I'd like to end under better circumstances. There were arguements between the parents and their daughter with threats of elopement, but nothing came of it. The mother had recently been on a trip to Africa and wore these elaborate Kaftans and had huge glasses like Brett Somers with teased hair.

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