01 October 2012

Judging a book by it's weight?

As I get older, I am faced with a sad dimemma. How thick of a book can I comfortably read in bed?

The saying goes, "Don't judge a book by it's cover" right? It crosses all boundaries and can be used for discussing people and situations.

What is never mentioned is the weight of the book. I am not, repeat, not trying to be philosophical. I am talking about the actual, physical, pressing flowers between the pages, weight of the book.

Maybe it's because I have small wrists, combined with the cooler weather, but the fact is I like to snuggle under the covers and read. As much as my hands are covered, I still have to hold the book upright. That's the problem, holding a VERY heavy book upright. Sheesh.

My current book pick is IQ84. I don't think I could have picked a larger book to tackle.

What I didn't realize, in Japan it was released as 3 separate volumes. In the English translation, it's 1 gigantic volume. Why not right? All red blooded Americans have thick wrists.

The story is beginning to get interesting and I'm going to stick with it. Maybe I'll need to wear wrists supports before going to bed. And maybe I'll pick short stories to read from now on.

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