17 August 2007

The girls, they love to see you shoot...

I can't seem to do anything right lately and everything, everything seems to be (a) not getting done or (b) failing miserably

For instance-my new glasses. Yes yes I got cat eye glasses how very-oh don't say it, I love them, but when I had my eyes checked the good doctor told me he could make them a little stronger. I said ok. NOT OK. I had to take them back and the assistant could not read his hand writing and now he's on a holiday. I have to wait,poor me.

And let's see what other bs. I am having no luck getting men to give me an estimate in our driveway hole. Maybe if I stand naked in the driveway someone will offer to do it for free.

Nothing is happening. Is Mercury in retro or something like that?

A new list of advice-a recap

#1-Don't go to Orlando in August.
#2-Don't drive and listen to the Ramones. ?
#3-Don't expect your mom to save your paintings.
#4-You cannot be nice to everyone. I have tried.
#5-If your eyes don't need it, don't get a stronger prescription.

That's all I really want to say right now.

I wanted to post a few Helmut's for the weekend. Then I'll have more O-town stories and pics. (oh goodie shouts my audience of 4.)

Peace and love


acumamakiki said...

i always wondered about a stick up the bum...you know how i adore your additions to the helmut book. and cat eyes? you rule sister. xo

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I love your glasses. And your hair. Okay, I love paintergirl! :)

Yeah, bag Orlando in the summer. One can hardly breathe.

jos said...

i can't believe i gave up the helmut book to be defaced... :(

JC said...

Ugh, I need to make an eye doctor appointment. And I have to find a new eye doctor because my current one is 30 miles in the wrong direction.

I'm with you on the nothing happening thing. Maybe it is Mercury.

Margaret said...

thanks for the sage advice

hollibobolli said...

I do think you could get a lot done for sex.

Something must be in retrograde.. because to get something done I had to WORK my ASS OFF.

I meant to say when you had a pic of you in the pearls - I am really digging you in the short hair. the new glasses are tres sexy.. even if you can't see - you'll just have to take my word for it until the doctor is in.

I really hope someone fixes the hole.

And don't get me started on what you can have your mother save. Sometimes your mother thinks cardboard boxes will save your priceless comic book or teddy bear collection from rain.. or mice - and they all end up rotted or eaten. No - I won't start down that path. I would rather blow someone for cement.

paintergirl said...

kiki-doesn't that sound uncomfortable? I thought I needed to some Helmut-and I WANT my glasses.

stepping-you are too sweet!
Never again.

jos-well, it was headed for the used bookstore to be on someone else's shelf for another 20 years. Isn't it better as an art project?

jc-I hate eye doctors-probably because I had to have glasses by the time I was in the 1st grade. And now they do the eye air puff test. Freaks me out.

No retro-I checked we went through it at the beginning of the summer. Maybe some solar flares. Everything is screwy.

holli holli-You know we had this discussion before-belle de jour and stuff like that.
I would only get here-"what is that crazy @#! white girl doing now!"

pft. Where can I go where someone would appreciate this?

oh thank you-it's always nice to have complements, you know.

what? in a paperbox in the rain??
There were tons of my things eaten away by palmettos and silver fish. Love love love it! Yes let's not go there anymore-let's make a pact ok?

paintergirl said...

oh margaret-anytime-I'm full of it

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