23 July 2007

It's a sunshine day...

Yikes a rooney. Well here's the stinky old tank that was buried under our lovely driveway.

Isn't it just gigantic.

And here is the hell mouth they opened. They worked all through the rain which is why I wasn't out there taking pics. My son just sat at the side window all day watching.

"Momma come quick, there's a waterfall." Oh good, a waterfall is not something I want in the driveway.

I made a decision to go see my mom in a couple of weeks. I'm not really looking forward to it but it's something I need to do. I may even have to clean and throw stuff away. This is not going to be fun, but necessary. Everyone on the planet is going to guilt trip me as to why I can't live with my mom or closer. I love being hassled by family.

The project is still a go. I recreated the blog so it's not directly tied to me. wedding project
Now I have one giant comment. And check out the web page in progress as well.

And, and I decided to get my hair cut super short for the beginning of the project as well.

Pictures will follow soon.


kristen said...

you know i love short hair. (=
i love the graphics on your new page - the font also looks great.
i'm just glad the damn tank is gone!!

JC said...

Are you going to keep the tank?!! Just think of the artistic possibilities. It's quite the found object. OK, maybe not. I guess it's good that the rain kept the kiddo away. When I was a kid I would have been plastered to the window watching too.

Gotta love being hassled by family!

The project is so exciting!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

HA! "A waterfall is not something I want in the driveway">!! That tank would be a great flower planter!

paintergirl said...

k-I couldn't believe how big the tank was. Now the hole is filled with rocks, and we wait.

jc-Oh they took the tank away. It's a bit of a hazard since it used to have oil in it. It's going to wind up in a junk yard where a family of raccoons are going to live and they will all be toxic and we'll have radioactive raccoons running around town.

What's bad about being hasseled by family is that they think they have a right to do it since they are family. How did I get obnoxious family members?

stepping-water rushing into the hole was not a good thing, but it stopped. Tank is gone daddy gone.

Anonymous said...

That was a big tank.
Lilly is sure to make some comment shortly about me trying to aquire it as it "might come in handy one day".
I can't help being a hoarder.

Lilly said...

Big LOL @ Alan :-D :-D
Hey, I do agree with Stepping Over The Junk -- that would have made an excellent flower planter....
Ooooh, now I actually seem to be the one encouraging the hoarder-thing! :-/

PG: Always tricky with obnoxious members of your family.....

paintergirl said...

alan-it was HUGE. 550 gallon. I can't believe it was under the driveway. If I could give it to you I would.

lilly-you two are so funny! It would have been fun to paint, but they have to take these things away. And of course it makes me so mad that we had to pay to have it dug up-like we have $1800 to spend.

Jocelyn said...

Hey, no fun: you should love a waterfall in your driveway!

Can't wait to see the haircut.

Anonymous said...

...the name of the show revealed...come on over and find out...

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