27 July 2007

You'll see Amarillo, Gallup,New Mexico...

I was tagged ages ago by Mary Bishop and now everyone has done this meme except me.

8 Random things about PG.

1-I was extremely jealous of my friends who had cute, short middle names. In the 2nd grade I would sign my work Patti Ann, or I'd use Patti Jane sometimes as well.

2-I like playing the same cassette tape in my car for long periods of time. For about 3 weeks I have had Flying Burrito Brothers. The time before that was a best of Squeeze tape. Just don't let me listen to New Order for too long.

3-My first job I ever had was when I was 17 and a camp counselor for the YMCA. (I swear that and/or being a lifeguard is the best job for a teen.) I loved it, but those kids exhausted me. I started off with the 7,8,9 year olds. By the end of the summer I had the 11 and 12 year olds. They're a tough group but I got along with them well.

4-I almost went to Grad school in Las Cruces, NM. I was looking forward to living in the desert.

5-I have one birthmark and it's on my lower back.

6-I can do minor toilet repairs. Once at a gallery opening, I was in the ladies room and the toilet kept running, so I lifted the back lid off and placed the hook back on the handle. Is that gross I did that? I just kind of feel if there's something broken and I can fix it, why not make the world a little better.

7-I cannot program the vcr. I have no idea how to do it.

8-I have vague memories of going to an amusement park when I was little and it was fashioned after the Old West. Who thought this was a good idea to have people having shoot outs in the street around little kids. I can remember thinking, man that's loud and very annoying. Maybe I would enjoy it now, but as a 5 year old it's kind of freaky.


JC said...

Wow, your hair really is short. Looks good though. And you're wearing your Police shirt!

The shootouts at Six Flags used to freak me right the hell out when I was little. I was not a fan of loud noises. Actually, I'm still not that fond of them.

marybishop said...

Love the photos and the random facts. Your hair is adorable!!!!!

Lilly said...

Ow PG! That new hair style looks absolutely cracking! I would love to be able to have short hair like that but I don't think I've got "the right face" for it like.....you look so young and healthy and funky! Yay.
Also: totally NIFTY [a word you taught me] Blondie and The Police t-shirts you're wearing. You're my new style icon, girl! ;-)

Have a great weekend, dear.

I've got to go make some pizzas now...it's late in the day here. Late-ish...but the dough needs to rise for an hour and a half. By then, it WILL be late in the day. I am talking pish. Sorry. Over and out.

Anonymous said...

I really like the hair, it does suit you very much. Let's hear it for Patty the Punk Rocker.
1. I don't have a middle name.
2. Lilly has had the same tape in the car for about 6 months. Unfortunately it is really bad.
3. My 1st real job was the one that gave me terrible varicose veins in my legs 10 years later. I worked in a cash and carry packing goods onto trolleys standing on one spot for like 8 hours a day.
4. I always wanted to go to the desert and eat tacos and drink beer. I have no idea why, I suppose I've watched too much tv.
5. I have a small mole on my right knee. My mother has one in the same place and so did my maternal grandfather....
6. I have to periodically unblock the sink drain in our bathroom by dunking my hand into the pipe and scooping out gunk.
7. Our VCR refuses to believe that there is a channel 30. It skips from 29 to 31 whenever you are trying to program it. It must hate BBC Prime.
8. Wow! You went to Westworld!!!!! Did Cyborg Yul Brynner challenge you to "Draw!"?

As regards the tee-shirts, I like the Blondie one better...but Debbie Harry was the first woman I ever had a crush on. No, wait, Diana Rigg as Mrs Peel in The Avengers was the other object of my affections, maybe she was first. Mrs Peel and Debbie Harry. My mum keeps reminding me how I was so amazed at Debbie wearing nothing but a black plastic bag and a tee shirt and her underpants in the Atomic video...
...oh and Lilly's pizzas were unbelievably tasy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Make that tasty.

Margaret said...

love love love the short hair!!!

(i fix toilets too)

Rebecca said...

Your hair looks great! And I love the shirts, too. I was planning on seeing the Police next weekend at a music fest in Baltimore, but I'll be out of town.

kristen said...

Hi cute girl with the cute short hair! My cassette tape marathon was The Cure. I think your minor toilet repairs will come in handy during your travels next year although you might want to stash a box of latex gloves somewhere. (=

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I love your hair and want that Police shirt! I am laughing about the programming of the vcr (or not being able to, shall I say)

paintergirl said...

jc-It's really really short, but my hair grows so fast.
They had shoot outs at six flags?

mary-my random is is very silly

lilly-You are so funny-You're younger AND healthier than me. The Police shirt is Joe's and Blondie-I love that Blondie shirt-Joe got it for me.Nifty-love that word and I'm happy you use it.

alan-ha ha punk rocker more like new waver. I always thought I was punk but not so much growing up in Florida. I like the name.
Wait you don't have a middle name.What does Lilly have in the car.
Oh I had to stand for hours at the newspaper-I know what your'e talking about. I wore nurses stockings in the end.
Wouldn't that have been so cool-westworld. well not as a child, if I saw Yul Brynner's robot face falling off, I'd be in therapy now. And I have to tell you becaus ei know you would understand, stormtoopers from Star wars. always thought they were robots and that scared the heck out of me. Once I knew men were in the suits, not so scary.

Oh Mrs.Peel-who could not like her. That catsuit. I went as her once for Halloween, she is too cool.

margaret-thanks sister-I don't do windows though do you?

kristen-we have matching hair!IOh yeah-I have the Cure best of, I should get that out. I'm getting a little rock countryfried out.

stepping-so when are you getting a haircut missy?
I can't even figure out my international clock.

Anonymous said...

Stormtroopers..yeah, when I was little, I thought they were robot guys.
Then I too realised they were just regular guys...the best example being the 2 stormtroopers who are supposed to be guarding the tractor beam control in Star Wars...they are so busy chatting about the latest spaceship or guy-type gadget they don't notice old Alec Guinness wobbling about on the tower behind them.

Lilly said...

PG: the tape I've had in the car for so long (I have now removed it after reading Alan's post) was a tape copy of the Jesus Lizard's Liar. Alan hates that band. I love them!

PS. My pizzas were tasty! If you and Joe come over one day, I'll make ya some :-)
...oohooooh...I really ought to get back to work like!

Lilly said...

Alan you are here too right now! NIFTY -- hiya :-D

Anonymous said...

Lilly's tape is "The Jesus Lizard", whom I dislike.
It has since been replaced by "Elvis' 40 Greatest Hits"
Next up will be a "Best of Sam and Dave", so we can pretend we're Jake and Elwood.

Funny, when I metion 'tapes' in the car, my brother looks at me as if I'm some sort of weird stone-age throwback..."What, you don't have a CD or MP3 player?"

paintergirl said...

OK you two are cracking me up-on at the same time various locations-how cool the internets is...
oh Jesus Lizards, that would be (for me) one of those tapes you'd see on the side of the road all smashed to bits. You don't see that much anymore. I'm so happy to have a tape deck, my first car had just a radio and I would bring a cassette player with me in the car. I am the nerd.

I think I would pay money to see the two of you pretend you were Jake and Elwood. I need to find a tape of Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye.

Lilly said...

I think Alan and I should go on that roadtrip in the States....we could stop by at your place, PG....it would be so much fun like! And we would have to rent a car with a tape deck, for sure. Then we could argue all the way across the States about what tape to play!

Vedrana M. said...

great photos, very cool :) loved reading 8 random things. xoxo

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