30 July 2007

That felt like pancake batter...

I am officially starting to freak out a little.

Friday night I had a very scary dream about some guy sort of inviting himself into an apartment we were renting. It was a bit freaky. The lesson is trust no one. It was very vivid and took place in Iowa. There were many details I remember, but what do they mean.

It's going to be an interesting journey, on many levels. We're going to rely on the kindness of strangers, but how far can you trust someone. You know what I mean? I'm a very friendly person, but I also have that gift of reading people. I think most people do, but ignore the ability. They'd rather just ignore everyone.

So I know I need to trust my instinct and of course just be careful-right?

On a different note-
Over the weekend I had a great visit with one of my oldest friends from Orlando. John emailed me from our High School Alumni site and asked where in New York I lived. We wrote to one another, he's been teaching in NYC and he came up on the Hudson line on Sunday. It was very cool to see him. We went to 1st grade together and we were inseparable. He used to come over to my dad's Burger Chef because it was near where we both lived. I was always there and he would come over as well. And his very dear mom was our art teacher at our elementary school, so I have to say she played a role in my art career decision.

Ok-so this is my second grade photo-I don't have any 1st grade pics here. And they are horrible. I'm wearing a white turtle neck with cat eye glasses.
Like a nerd I wore my Good Citizenship badge. The photographer even asked if I wanted to take it off-no way Man! Check out the severe bangs.

Peace and love


JC said...

I'm not very good at reading people, but I know when I don't like someone. You will be OK if you trust your instincts.

That's cool that you got to see your old friend!

Lilly said...

Wow! That's amazing how you managed to get back in touch and meet up with an old dear friend like John. I like things like that :-) And I look forward to seeing the photo(s) -- can you do a 'Now and Then' post please? ;-)

PG, yes, be very careful. But at least you can read people...I cannot. I trust every one and I am ever so naive (and Alan will confirm this, no doubt!). I tend to believe that there's good in everyone. When clearly -- and sadly -- there's not....

paintergirl said...

jc-It's a weird thing,knowing people like that. I just get strange vibes and I know to listen.

So will you show us the Logan's Run buildings in Dallas?

Lilly-Isn't that funny. He just wrote to me out of the blue, and he goes back home a few days. I think most people are good, not everyone though.
My sister is like you, everyone is nice. She always has people coming up to her in the grocery store telling her what he needs to eat. ??? Isn't that funny.

kristen said...

I'm really good at reading people and then I negate what I read. But I'm rarely wrong. Interesting skills for this past weekend I can assure you.

paintergirl said...

kristen-you need to trust them more. Trust yourself babe.

hollibobolli said...

No.. I know for a fact I am GREAT at reading people.. to a degree it almost works against me. People rarely listen and 99.9% of the time I'm right. It's that tiny percent where I screw up that I usually REALLY get hurt because I've completely trusted a psychopath. So yes, trust your instincts.

How wonderful to hook up with an old friend.. that is one of my favorite things ever!!

I found some showering posts for you.

JC said...

Absolutely! But only if you guys dress like characters from LR.

paintergirl said...

holli-"it's that tiny percent where I screw up"

Ha-Oh I hear you. They end up being scary sweet.

jc-ok-i'll have to pack my ray gun(or whatever it is I have-I think's it's a potato shooter) and my jumpsuit.

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