02 July 2007

we move like cagey tigers...

Here's a nice story about paintergirl asks 3 questions.

RitaPita's younger brother Ricky wrote to me and told me there was an artist he really loved and thought he should answer the 3 questions. Ricky contacted the artist, Eric Joyner and he in turn replied with his answers. Pretty cool. His answers are now posted.

And I thought I was being so funny. I wrote out my 3 questions and left them in various places at the Dia in Beacon. The docents probably threw them all away. I thought I was being clever. J wanted me to put some in the art-one especially by Joseph Beuys installation. I said "I'm not a Dadaist". Maybe I should be.

OK and AND it's the 3rd night in a row I have had dreams with Robert Downey Jr. ?????
What? We did just watch A Scanner Darkly, which was excellent but still. I find myself thinking I'm now Lisa Simpson realizing she has a crush on Nelson. And now you can also see how the Simpsons have ruined my life.


kristen said...

i think there's something about robert downey jr., have always loved his films.
i'll go over to paintergirl asks - very cool.

Margaret said...

your's is not the only life the Simpsons have wrecked

paintergirl said...

k-I think it's a weird cosmic thing-we have the same b'day. It's making me want to watch Less Than Zero again.

Margaret-and the movie is coming out...

JC said...

I really want to go to the 7-11 that they turned into a Quickie Mart in Dallas and buy some Krusty-Os. I just might do it.

paintergirl said...

jc-oh-you HAVE to do this!!!! Is it going to be like this just for the movie? You have to and take pics!

JC said...

Yeah, they changed over some 7-11s to look like Kwik-E-Marts to advertise the movie. They're supposed to be selling Krusty-Os, Buzz cola, Squishees, and donuts with pink sprinkles. You can check it out here:


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