21 June 2007

The sun is up, the sky is blue...

Always a woman of my word here are some pics around town. A big shout out to Kiki and starting this website. I'm kind of sort of doing this, but suddenly I feel my life is falling apart and I don't know how well I can listen to the author's words. Though I do like the artist dates and the walks.

I can say this. If you are ever feeling complacent about your life or maybe it's too dull and boring, just put your house up for sale. You'll never be bored. It will turn your world upside down. I should have taken a photo of myself the other night, when I fell apart. I glanced in the mirror and I looked like Einstein. I think I even yelled many times over that I hated everyone. It was bad. But today is the first day of summer in the N H, and I'm planning to stay outside and away from the house. There is only so much I can do.

I also updated paintergirl asks. I have some fun stories surrounding the happenings of the blog.

peace and love people, peace and love and I mean it.


JC said...

Lovely photos!

Sorry about all the stress that the house sale is causing. I hope things take a turn for the better soon. Enjoy your day outdoors! I miss the outdoors...

laurenbove said...

great photos. such a sky! I am soooo about the peace and love...here's bunches to you!

hollibobolli said...

Do you feel like your life is falling apart because of the house stuff - or something else? I think to an extent parts of my life probably are falling apart but I just can't let myself go there or I don't think I'll ever come back. Hang in there - I do know how you feel. I think people who think a certain way, are extremely creative, visual, emotional, artistic - are affected by life's ups and downs more than people who just "la la la" their way through the whole journey. But what would be better - to never feel anything at all? Probably not. It just sucks when you're down in it.

If I'm told one more time to start getting organized for this move I'm going to flip. I have panic lists that run through my head and I get super nauseous. Thank GAWD I have anti-nausea medication left from my surgery or I would be puking non-stop.

The Einstein thing is super visual. Hugs, my friend. This too will pass. It will. It always does.


laundrygirl said...

These are great photos!
Now I'm am suddenly going to become more aware of the homes around me thanks to the inspiration found here. Hey, even in the midst of your house selling madness you have managed to sprinkle bits of inspiration around. Hang in there!

Irene said...

these are fantastic photos.

hope that today brings you peace my friend. falling apart is no fun. thinking of you.

acumamakiki said...

Your photos are fantastic PG, I love your viewpoint. The words are so not resonating with me either friend, do you see how I haven't updated anything over there this week? feh.

Hang in there. I know that good things are happening soon for you - it's just while your in it, it feels like a huge suck the life outta me vortex. xoxo

paintergirl said...

jc-hey thanks
What does not kill us...
The day outside was needed.

lb-thanks again and so nice to see you around

holli-oh it's the house and a potential buyer that is driving me to the edge. It's a couple and the woman is a laywer-I sooooooo love laywers and they are being total b's about EVERYTHING. So much so i feel like I'm going to have a breakdown everyday. This occupies my time so much, I can't even think about what happens after this. And alot will.

I hate when people tell me to get organized. Get a grip people.That drives me nuts too.You hang in there too ok. Before you know it you'll be in DC laughing about this.

hey and my J and I say the same thing about creative types. It's true. That's why songs make us cry easily.

laundrygirl-Hey thanks and nice to see you. Well I took these photos before my crisis. I hope you take pics around town and show us.

irene-thanks. I wish this town worked out because it has so much potential. I love all the victorians and unique architectural elements. Oh well right? I'm trying to take pics of some of those things I love best.

kiki-Hey thanks. Totally got the idea from you and your artists dates.
Oh the book. She is so religious. It's fine but not really what I need. I need to find the strength within myself, and her way is not exactly what I believe. You know?
I think I could go on and on about prayer but maybe for another time. Let's just say I don't pray for creative ideas.

marybishop said...

Selling a house is horrendous; moving tries the patience of a saint; change makes one's stomach jittery; so lots of peace and love your way while you are in this difficult time of your life.

I always get inspiration from outsider art. People who know nothing; have few tools, yet create art because they can't not do it.

hollibobolli said...

I can't get organized. And I'm tired of being told to get organized because the only way to do that is just start all over. I actually watched a documentary about people who compulsively and obsessively hoard.. I'm almost sure I am one of them.

I am pretty sure if we think in songs and life is one giant soundtrack, we're going to get the grand sad song once and again. But we do get the cool exit sunset scene sometimes!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

BUYING a house is much better than having to sell one. Although the stress is perhaps just different. I love the photos. Makes me feel peaceful.

[Silly] Lilly said...

Ow sweet PG, I am taking a quick herbal tea break (the doc's told me to cut down on my coffee intake....hence, I am in agony!) here at work and thought I'd stop by to show some love!

Hope you're feeling better and that your life no longer feels as if it's falling apart. You poor thing. Moving house is, apparently, one of the most stressful things a human being can be submitted to. I believe that's true. Chin up, girl :-)

HEY! That PG asks blog -- how come I never knew about it until now??? (stupid question, obviously it's because I have become a crap blogger within the last 6 months or so...)....I MUST check it out ASAP!!!! (when my vacation starts next week).

love, Lilly x

PS. Those are amazing photos!

paintergirl said...

mary-thanks amry. it is stressful. it's in the top 5 of the list of stressful things.

holli-I have boxed things months ago, and now i question if i really want those things. And I'm still wondering what I did with a pair of earrings. See I get weird about having jewelry and things out when strangers come into my house when I'm not there. damn I wish I could find them.

hey but we have the best life soundtracks.

stepping-oh buying is a breeze. except the forking over lots of money. that's what hurts. selling. oh selling. I might have a song about the selling.

lilly-silly lilly it's so nice to see you around here. I know you're working hard and loving your jobs. It's so wonderful things have turned for the better for you.
hey and how did you not know about paintergirlasks-your beau did it, david, and adam . it would be so nice if you did as well!
and good for you-a holiday.

[Silly] Lilly said...

Thanks, darling -- I appreciate your happiness for me :-D
I don't know how the heck I didn't know about it -- I mean I know that Alan filled in some questions and mailed them to you, but I didn't realise they were for a brand new blog! I guess I thought they'd be part of your other blog....

Thanks for the invite; I will pick you up on that one once I get a wee moment to myself :-D For sure.

Hugs and ice cream (banana flavour),

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