18 June 2007

I see right through into your bones...

I know this is going to sound so wussy-ish, but I miss Lost. Yeah I do. I'm lost without my Lost.

So what have we been doing since tv is no-wheresville this summer?

Oh just watching probably the most depressing movies ever made. Beautifully done but man-how many winners have I picked recently. We still have from the library, Decalogue. 10 movies based on the 10 commandments. They are black and white and made in Poland in the winter. Need I say anymore.

The other one that weighs heavy on my mind is Ju Dou-A Chinese film from the early 90's that takes place in the 20's.
Oh and, AND Sheltering Sky. See it's like we are punishing ourselves. Just seeing Malkovich sweating is enough to make a girl run screaming into the kitchen to get another whiskey.

Just as a break from our glum, I urged my husband to watch some of his father's day presents.
We already watched Repo Man, but he also got Dazed and Confused(the nicest packaging EVAH) and The Big Lebowski We watched the Lebowski. How can you not like The Dude? We discussed how good John Goodman is in it, (well everyone really is a class actin it) but I have a rough time with him no matter what movie he's in-I have a brother-in-law almost exactly like him. Really. But one of the best actors of all time is Peter Stormare otherwise known as Nihilist #1 from Lebowski. He was also is Fargo. Love that crazy Swede.

Next post will have interesting pics I promise.


charlotte said...

Ack! I'm a huge Lost fan too! I so miss it...but, in the meantime, check out Rescue Me on FX Wednesday nights (repeats Sunday nights). New season just started. Of course, I do have a thing for firemen. ;)

hollibobolli said...

I'm shocked JC wasn't the first to comment on the Big Lebowski. Good grief - he must be trapped in study hell!!!

I must stay away from depressing movies right now. I just keep ending up on perverted justice episodes on MSNBC. Weird - it seems (or looks) like I'm spelling every word here wrong. Do you ever feel like that? I'm tripping!!

I never watched Lost. Can't relate. Sowwwwwy!!!

Irene said...

I miss Lost too :(
actually, I think now I love Lost better than CSI... well, maybe not.

marybishop said...

It's time to indulge yourself in new music and new books! When I'm TV'd out, I just pretend I don't care. (I'm a House fanatic) and move on to something else.

Also old movies are great too. I watch them just to see how the houses were decorated or how the women were treated.

acumamakiki said...

I love Ju Dou so much - I'll never forget those beautiful fabrics willowing in the breeze. I need to watch that movie again.

paintergirl said...

charlotte-Oh I miss it so. I'll have to check Rescue Me out. I'm not sure we get that cable channel.

holli-jc has to be trapped in school world you know. Now I even tortured myself by checking a chilrens book out of the library called Dog Heaven. I couldn't make it past the first page.

irene-Oh I used to love CSI and Grisshom(sp) so much. I don't know how or when I feel out of love with the show. Maybe they kept changing the schedule.

mary-yes-new stuff new stuff! We did just see Casino Royale. That perked me right up.

kiki-Those fabrics-wasn't that so lovely? A beautifully made film.

JC said...

I don't miss Lost yet. But did you know that the next season won't start until February? I will be ready for it to start again by then.

The Decalogue is amazing. I saw a couple of them on the big screen, they showed all of them at a theater here when it opened. Couldn't make it to all of them, but I did watch them all on TV. They're not B&W, or at least the ones I saw weren't. Might as well be, though, the images are rather drab.

You know I love Lebowski. "Give us ze money, Lebovski, or we cut off your johnson!!"

paintergirl said...

jc-February??? You are kidding me-cripes man. The entire year-after football, my head is reeling. Just Like Alias. People lose interest. Now I'm just mad.

Oh the ones we saw were bw, it must be a mixture of color and bw.

Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you.

For me the bar is winning right now.

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