15 June 2007

Napolean...wore a black hat...ate lots of chicken...

My phone attachment has calmed a bit.
I have a reprieve, for the moment.
I started some moon flower seeds and some nasturtiums (the flowers I drew above for my header) a few weeks ago and they are starting to grow nicely.

The moon flowers are climbers and they bloom, well at night and they give off a heavenly scent.

I'm in love with the way nasturtiums look because I read an article about an artist who lives in Morocco and she had a whole field of them. The colors in the photo were so appealing. It's my first time growing both of them.

Here is a Helmut.


charlotte said...

So you live in view of The Hudson....your nasturtiums should do well. They finished blooming here about 6 weeks ago, although you don't often see them down here as our heat and humidity wilt them. But they ARE so beautiful. I took a picture of a fence of them in front of a shotgun house recently.

Moonflowers....I love them. They make me think of fairies.

Jocelyn said...

and nasturtiums are an edible flower, so make a cake in a couple months and adorn it with your flowers!

acumamakiki said...

I love your latest art installment - hehe. I hope everything is moving forward towards Plattsburgh.

Krista said...

I really like your nasturtium header drawing. So simple and great.

I too, love nasturtiums and grow them every year. Usually too many and they take over, but it's okay.

This "moon flower" sounds wonderful, I'd love to see and smell it!

Take care, found you at SPC.


hollibobolli said...

I do like the latest art installment too. It made me laugh.

I love moonflowers. I don't just love the flower - I love the name. There is something relaxing about that. I can't wait to see the pics. I can't wait to have a permanent garden with flowers I've chosen. Even if we do have things constantly blooming here - they aren't the things I've planted.. or chosen. Although I will never again go without a butterfly bush if I have my way.

The yellow bird of peace is on the way!! We shall never have silence again. At least not when someone moves. I already can't talk on the phone if Faith walks up - it's silly.


paintergirl said...

charlotte-I can't wait for them to bloom. It will be my first. Have you posted the pic?

jocelyn-I had no idea-how cool!I already have a cake in mind-something with coconut.

acumamakiki-when I feel down, I get the book out and see which pic I could easily put a caption on. This book has helped.

krista-hey thanks and I'm glad you stopped by. i'd like to see your pics of nasturiums.

holli-oh we are so alike in many ways. We also have this AMAZING garden backyard, but I didn't do it. The former owners never had children but they had their garden. And the woman of the house L-O-V-E-D roses. I don't think anyone knows how much I loathe roses-especially now. YIKES. there are like 15 different rose bush varieties.Climbing, miniture, ornamental. It's maddening. I will always want peonies, Butterfly bushes and a japanese maple. thats' my dream.

Vedrana M. said...

good luck with flowers :) helmut is cool ;)

JC said...

I want to see pics of the moonflowers someday. I'm not familiar with them.

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