08 May 2007

you should be dancing...yeah...

As host of "Getting to Know You" over at Create a Connection-this is my question for this week. (I am just Q & A girl)

If someone from your local community college approached you about teaching a class, would you do it? What subject? Would there be field trips? What books would be required reading? Any guest lecturers?

As much as I love painting and drawing, I don't think I would teach a class about it. (Well not at this very second)
I would teach a film class. The class would be Modern Film and Music. (I should think of a catchier title.)

I could have entire syllabus worked up for this, it's how much I love this topic.

The basic overall theme of the class would be about how music plays an important part in films, as much as cinematography. It can make a good film great or have some disastrous results.

We'd watch Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, Michel Gondry.

Some topics-

Does using current popular music date films?

Is it hard to watch Midnight Cowboy or Saturday Night Fever because of the soundtrack?

Do you think Coppola's use of 80's and current music in Marie Antoinette helps or hurts the film?

How does classical music affect a futuristic modern film? A Clockwork Orange, and 2001 Space Odyssey for example.

How does Gondry and Spike Jonze work in music video translate into feature length films?

A field trip would be to people watch in Union Square. Just sit, have some lunch and watch.

The project for the end of the semester would be to make a short film and of course, create a soundtrack.
Speakers could be any of the previously mentioned directors/writers. That would be lovely.

I bet there is a class like this somewhere, but this is MINE right now.


Vanessa said...

This is a great question idea and I really like your answers. I would definitely sign up for this!

Marie said...

I would teach writing because I LOVE words; and I'd love for people to learn to use their voice. There is so much freedom, creativity and positvie energy that come with words and their expression. I would approach it from the view of a 5 year old because they are passionate about so many things; and they find joy in small things; and they are real and honest about their perceptions of others and themselves. What a holiday it would be to see that kind of freedom!

Debra said...

Really interesting topic! Music can so make or break a film (Marie A. excellent case in point. The contemporary music was simply WRONG!) And UC and SNF were filmed with contemporary music that still to me seems germaine to the films.

Music and film and you didn't list High Noon? The score turned a dull movie into a true classic.

Bigger question: does it matter if were alive (therefore contemporary) with the music?

hollibobolli said...

I think soundtracks help if used correctly. But it takes skill to pull it off - and when done really well it pretty much makes me "one" with the film.. forever. But I think that's because I process things in a musical way in my mind.

I think the soundtrack MADE "Almost Famous." I loved watching the director commentary about how he chose the music.

I don't think SNF would be the same without the music.

I haven't watched Marie Antoinette yet - but I'm looking forward to it.. tonight.

I completely dig classical music when used for emotive purpose. Like the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan. A Clockwork Orange wouldn't be the same with some cheesy soundtrack from that era.

I gotta go - I have an appointment. I would totally take your class! I took as many film classes as I could to finish my English degree. I took a class on Hitchcock from the craziest professor to ever walk the face of this planet. Lord, what that man said the blood going down the drain meant.

Okay - gotta run.. I can't be late!

Great post!! (I have no idea if I made sense.. I don't have time to look over my comment)

Stepping Over the Junk said...

can you believe, I have never seen Clockwork Orange!!!!!!

I'd teach art or baking.

No books, just "doing". Maybe some good fun novels to read about it for inspiration. Nothing to heavy. As for lecturers, chefs and artists! Thomas Keller for sure if I were teaching cooking of some sort! THAT would be awesome.

paintergirl said...

vanessa-Hey ya-Thanks. I think this class would be fun to teach.

marie-great answer. 5 year olds are wonderful aren't they, they are very specific about the things they love and want to know everything about whatever it is they enjoy

debra-wouldn't the class be interesting?
I haven't seen Urban Cowboy-maybe it's too much Travolta-I don't know really. SNF-I don't know if those songs were popular before the movie. I think the movie put them on the charts. I think it fits.
Marie A.-I was concerned before seeing this, but I thought it was handled discreetly. It could have been over the top and heavy handed, but it was appropriate.
I think the flim class could be split into several courses. Because if you think about silent films-all they had was music. It has always been important. I'm so glad you came by to discuss this.

holliholli-it really does take skills to pay the bills-sorry. No exactly though. I mean Wes Anderson had songs in his head when writing the movies. Songs in his HEAD. That's how I think and I admire when someone can pull it off.
I never took a film class but my roommate/best friend did-and then she was accepted to NYU grad film school so it was the summer of watching all the most famous italian and french movies. I absorbed through her and thank heavens I married a man who loves movies as much as I do. I hope you see marie soon-tell me what you think. You have made perfect sense.

stepping-YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS. ok but don't have the girls in the house. It's very strange and I love seeing futuristic films from the 60's and 70's-like Logans Run. even planet of the apes.

Hey I would take your class-baking would be right up my alley.

acumamakiki said...

What a great question and your class would be brilliant. I wouldn't ever teach - I know I'd be terrible at it.

JC said...

You know who's genius at matching music to his films? David Lynch. I'm not just saying that because his name has been mentioned here a lot recently. I think he started out working in sound design, and it shows.

I think using popular music can date a film, but that's not always a bad thing. Some films need to be timeless, like 2001, others are interesting because of when they were made, like maybe say Easy Rider.

paintergirl said...

oh kiki-you'd be awesome, I could think of numerous things you could teach.

jc-lynch-how could I forget him. He has a way with putting it all together.

Easy Rider would be strange without it's music. Or the Graduate.
And I wouldn't believe my husband when I said I thought Donnie Darko took place in current time. It was going to be my argument that the music was displaced-but nevermind.

hollibobolli said...

Lynch is a master - but he actually writes most of the music IN his films.. at least he co-writes the big pieces I love that Julee Cruise sings. I've picked up all of her cds. The stuff I love for the most part is all written by Lynch/Badalamenti. The Lynch/Badalamenti combo is probably my favorite for soundtracks - hands down.

I've been obsessed with all things Lynch for a long time. I know I've mentioned this on someone else's blog but I have a little mini Lynch collection, down to an original script from Fire Walk With Me.. with his little notes written on the side. It includes changes he made to the script.

Faith and I are supposed to watch Marie Antoinette. It says PG 13. I figured I could make her hide her face while I did the "la la la" song if it got too bad. Is it super crazy violent or anything?

I want to watch it, and when we were watching previews on demand, she instantly insisted we watch the movie about the princess who wants people to eat cake. That's her kind of friend!

It has to be better than all the commercials for Exorcist movies that have traumatized her lately!!

Wes Anderson is brilliant.. I believe he thinks the way I do down to the smallest nuance. When I watch one of his movies - I can do the crazy Robert DeNiro "Cape Fear" laugh when nobody else gets it.

Don't you notice the tiny little touches he adds - and think you totally would have done that? Somehow I think you do.

K - another long comment over here when I should be doing other things.

paintergirl said...

holli-you are so funny and wonderful-when did you write this?

you do the Deniro laugh? That alone is so frickin funny. I can do Sideshow Bob doing the deniro laugh.(BTW-that is my fav Simpsons. It's really the one we joke most about in the house)

Wes Anderson has to be one of my fav's. I love how obsessed he is. I also like how he works with his brother. I'm jealous of that-but I'm married to a man who is just like me.

I love lynch/badalamenti connection. It has always been so dreamy to me. I haven't listened to some of the soundtracks in awhile. And julee cruise-best pick ever on lynch's part. I also really love "Wings of Desire" soundtrack. I used to play that before going to bed. (in college when I lived by myself)

Marie A.-nothing violent. let me think-no it's pretty shoes and gowns and hair. She's really just a typical teenager with lot's of money and nothing to do. I heart Dunst and it's funny to see sweet Schwartzman so rotund. And when you do watch it-if you get the dvd-watch him in the extras doing "the crib" mtv style. Very funny.

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