10 May 2007

Take..a.. long.. holiday...

It has been glaringly bright here. Hello summer! It's getting to the point where the sun feels like it searing my skin. I have been taking some pictures around the house and town because I'm feeling a little nostalgic.

Too much writing on my part bores even myself, so it's photos for you guys.

These are brought to you by Mr. Sunshine!

And this little number I spotted down the road at a garage. Isn't it the sweetest? The owner of the garage bought it an an estate sale and it was in pieces. It's a 63 Studebaker. I heart this car. The other car I would have looked really nice driving was a cherry red 62 corvair. It was nice. But it's gone now.


JC said...

It's been really rainy and cloudy here lately, those bright sunny days haven't been around much lately. But that's OK because we really needed the rain!

The first time I ever heard of a Studebaker was because Fozzy Bear had one in The Muppet Movie.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I have dreams of one day having an old funky car like that. Preferably a convertible. Painted some fun color, but true to it's history...one day when my kids are in college and I dont need something really safe for babies and booster seats and snow! (or when I can have two cars, one for snow, one for beach!)

acumamakiki said...

Oh, I heart that car too, so much. And those photos are brilliant PG, you should print and frame a few like a tryptic (sp?) in the hallway or on the walls of your new office/home.

My dream car is the old Volvo that's all bubbled and a big sedan, sort of like a Mr. Magoo car - we had one growing up and I loved that car.

Margaret said...

thanks you mr sunshine for painting our world with such beautiful patterns

Vedrana M. said...

nice photos, i like how you captured shadows... cool car!

RitaPita said...



Thank you.

This spam message has been brought to you by RitaPita, who usually doesn't resort to such tactics)

JC said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I dig the new profile pic.

Happy Mother's Day!

paintergirl said...

jc-I can't think of when I heard of studebaker-maybe A Christmas Story? It is just about the cutest car.

stepping-I know-I know. It's the snowy weather that gets me. A corvair convertable-not exactly the most responsible thing to have during a blizzard. And then I think of fuel and a new car.

kiki-I love those old volvo's.
I really will miss some things around this area. I still have some other shots I want to take.

margaret-mr sunny knows what he;s doing doesn't he?

vedrana-Thank you-they were lot's of fun taking

rita-I am so HAPPY for you dear girl!!

jc-hey thanks man. my little man took it.

hollibobolli said...

I can totally picture you with a car like that. I love that color. Did you ever see the pink car I rode in the day of my wedding? That car is for sale now. i swear if I didn't feel like the Shreksplorer was part of me I would snap it up.

I love the fourth picture down. It made me feel happy and jiggly in the eyeball area. What a great idea for pictures.

We always had big VW minibus "peace mobiles" when we were growing up.. with big flowers and peace symbols painted on them. Nana used to make me ride with her and her friends to go to peace marches. That is one of the few things I remember about being little.

paintergirl said...

Oh my gosh. You were one of those kids. Your mom is homer's mom and you're homer. I think I love you even more.
The pics got in my brain and you know how you have to act on it or it's gone forever.

Rose said...

I totally totally totally love those photos. I have this thing about light and shadow. Nice.

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