31 May 2007

You don't need a penny just to hang around...

Yesterday's entry in my sketchbook.

My dad taught me to love and take care of the world around me.
He once did minor surgery on a morning dove that hurt her wing. My dad was the world to me.

He taught me about plants and grew all sorts of things in the backyard underneath the grapefruit tree. I always loved exploring and following him around outside, checking out all of his experiments.

Yesterday the baby cardinals hatched and today I realized how perfectly fitting, on my dad's birthday. He told me every time I saw a cardinal I could make 3 wishes. He never told my two older sisters that. I'm lucky to have had so much time with him.


JC said...

What a sweet post. Your dad has left you with a wonderful legacy.

Irene said...

what a beautiful post. seriously, that is just beautiful.

Jocelyn said...

Lovely. I like how you pack so much into a few lines here.

acumamakiki said...

Beautiful post PG - I loved hearing this about your dad and even more, the wishes on cardinals.

[Silly] Lilly said...

Your dad sounded like a wonderful person; no wonder you turned out the way you did :-) In my view, you are a wonderful person, you know. I love this post, PG.

hollibobolli said...

This was the sweetest post. Thank you for sharing it with us. So simple and true.

I love the tender way you view the world in which you live. And yes, you are blessed to have so much time with your father.

And I'm going to snag the cardinal wish - and use it on the elusive one that won't let me take his pic.

btw - I love the title of this post. You have a way with words that always whispers to me in a way I can't quite explain.


marybishop said...

Aw so sweet. I was 29 when my dad died, and I'm not sure what our relationship might have become, because he died on the cusp of the new friendship we were creating.

My dad loved the outdoors, but I was and still am terrified of "bugs" so I didn't follow him around. After reading this I wish I had.

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