22 May 2007

Been across the ocean to the south sea isles...

Hello again and if it's Wednesday, it must be "Getting to Know You Day" with me over at Create a Connection.

My question for this week:

If you could have a redo moment in your life, would you do it and what would it be? Not changing history drastically-it's all just a what if.

For example-would you have waited to get married later. Would you have had your children at an earlier age. Not have dated that strange girl/guy back in 11th grade.

My redo moment would be changing the college I went to. I went to University of Florida and really the only reason I went is because one of my good friends from high school happened to go and I was going to have to pay my own tuition. it was the only school I sent an application to. Oh and I waited a year. I don't think I would have done that either. I liked it at UF, but I would have tried to get into Pratt or Rhode Island school if I had really thought about it. My parents weren't exactly driving forces to help me in way. They would have been fine if I had stayed home and never went to school.


acumamakiki said...

I waited 2 years before going to college - I had no interest until I began working for an interior designer and thought, I can do this too.

Good question this week PG, I'll answer tomorrow.

paintergirl said...

kiki-I knew I had to get away from my family. And I wanted to be an artist.

I just wish I had had more courage to move.

I can't wait to read your response!

JC said...

I considered going to UF, I even went so far as to visit there. Ultimately the out of state tuition was just too much. I wanted to go somewhere far away too.

hollibobolli said...

I'll add this to my list of questions you sent me via email. I have a good excuse for being tardy on this one. Someone slit my throat!!!

paintergirl said...

jc-uf was nice. there are some great buildings. I used to go look at the alligators in a pond on campus. I always that that was so odd. It was 2 hours north from where I grew up, so we had a little bit of fall there, that was nice. Until my last year when we had the serial killer, but that could hav happened anywhere.

holliholli-You so craze. I think having a cut on your throat is a good reason.

marybishop said...

I just can't do re-dos, it screws up something inside of me that isn't pretty. I just have to say to myself, I wouldn't be here if I hadn't been there -- it's so tempting to think about, but the re-do question would keep me occupied for years if I let it.

paintergirl said...

mary-me too. there would be so many it would keep me up at night.

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