21 May 2007

As the sun burns the ground And my eyes fill with sand...

There are many things in life to be thankful for...

Happy mail from Vedrana!!
Yes I'm a big nerd and love stamps.
(Stamp collection-ha ha)
I was super excited to get this package.
Check out the polka dot box and special handmade paper.

It was like Christmas over here. A lovely letter, sweet smelling candles, a very cool tee that describes historical sites in Zagreb, Croatia where Vedrana lives. Go to her blog and you'll see photos of her city, it's really amazing. You'll get the travel bug.
A beautiful flower book that brings inspiration to me instantly.

I love the figure she drew and these punch out cupids are dear.
Thank you Vedrana!!

And let it be known I am not a typical girl-I know you all know that already but just to make sure...
I don't collect shoes, I have this terrible affliction for chairs. (I wish I liked shoes, it would take up less room.)

We were driving along, and J spotted this pile of furniture on the side of the road. He backed up and I jumped out and this is what I brought home. I just love it. It's heavy as a mother and it's currently out back airing. It needs some care but will be in the house soon.

we have been blessed to have a mama and daddy cardinal make a nest in the climbing roses off our front porch.

I am working on a painting but the eggs are so pretty. All creamy with little brown freckles. I can't wait for the babies.

Here is a collection of paintings on etsy. Kind of a good perspective on size.


acumamakiki said...

I'm so jealous of your cardials, seriously jealous. They are my favorite bird and I love that there's a couple that fly around here, but haven't made their nest in our yard, sigh.

I love your chair and I love the drawing.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I love the photo at the bottom of your paintings all in the room leaning like that. SO AMAZING! Feels good to create, doesn't it? I love the nest and eggs. I did a series like that recently with charcoal and watercolor.

That chair is so cool. reminds me kind of like the old ranch chairs.

hollibobolli said...

This was a great, happy post!!!

I love your package from Verdrana!! And as for the chair - I can't believe you found it!!

I heart robin's eggs. they're so cute. I love the drawing!!

Melba said...

What great stuff!
I love when birds come live with us. Some have made a whole in the molding on our garage. It is right in front of the window where this computer is. And I know we eventually have to fix the wood, but I like seeing them everyday!

Vedrana M. said...

i'm gald you like it! :)
and paintings look great! xxx

JC said...

It's always fun to get cool stuff in the mail.

Love the chair, it sounds like something I would do too.

The paintings look nice!

paintergirl said...

have you ever heard of making 3 wishes when you see a male cardinal? Maybe it was something my dad made up for me, but I have never forgooten it, and still do it.

That chair is very funny.

stepping-I love those drawings you did. those sweet little blue eggs.

holliholli-I have never ever seen a robins egg before-so very cool. Everytime we open the front door, mama goes flying out, and yells at us. My son knows the routine and says'It's alright momma, we'll be gone in a minute"

melba-I love seeing birds take pieces of twigs and look frantic about. It's probabaly where the word nesting comes from.

vedrana-I couldn't have asked for a lovlier gift. Thank you again and again!

paintergirl said...

jc-It was sticking through the moon roof so I had to hold on to it for dear life.
I think if I got all my paintings and drawings out and lined them up through the house I would run out of room.

daffa said...

i'm a chair girl too... and collecting them from the roadside is an addiction i've battled with for years!! i just LOVE your latest find!

Leah said...

ooo, what a fun package you received!

i'm so happy to see some of your paintings! congrats on getting some of them onto etsy!!

paintergirl said...

daffa-I'm always on the lookout for the perfect chair. Maybe I'll do a post of the chairs I love. and have found.

leah-the package was a very happy box.

And thanks about the paintings.

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