26 May 2007

we started living in an old house

So I couldn't go to Miranda July because my throat was killing me and I had 2 hours of sleep the night before. I couldn't do it. I arranged for a babysitter and everything was planned. This broke my heart and had me depressed. I cried and cried. And the same day, not joking, I got bit by a spider about 10 times. Lovely right.

But I'm better now, though still sad about missing MJ with Acumamakiki.

On a lighter note-
Here are some things I found around in our yard. My son has a very funny sense of humor. This had me laughing. The Wishbone toy was our dog's when she was a puppy. My son is amazed that our pets used to play with toys. Now the animals are both older and not into the toys. Siddhartha just turned 10.

Today to kick off the first day of summer (unofficial and all) I made blueberry shortcake and strawberry daiquiris. They are both a hit.

I have my cardinal painting finished but I have to scan it or take a pic of it. I think it turned out well. The real babies haven't hatched yet.Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Irene said...

ugh. spider bites. not fun.

and oh how much I wish my dog played with toys....

JC said...

Hope the spider bites are healing OK.

I love the photos, especially the dog toy in the shrubbery.

I can't wait to see the painting, I've never seen cardinal eggs before.

Margaret said...

love the bird, stuck in the fence

hollibobolli said...

Did the same spider bite you ten times???? I don't understand??? He just came back over and over, like he was angry??? Is there something I'm missing??? AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Nate Nate used to love toys too.. Every once in awhile, he busts out and does the "puppy dog thing" and runs around and around after some little toy of Faith's. It makes me sad he's too big for toys. I guess he's really a little old man. :(

I have my birdy perched right here looking at me. I still need to take a picture of him and write about him. I love him so very much. He won't be stuck in a fence anytime soon!!


Stepping Over the Junk said...

I'm sorry you missed it. I hate it when that kind of thing happens. I LOVE the bird stuck in the chain link fence! Ha! (assuming it isn't real) I cant wait to see your recent painting!

paintergirl said...

irene-I'm not particularly scared of spiders but I'm really scared of getting bit by a recluse spider. This spider must have been in my shirt and was really mad at me.
aw...you sweet little dog,how is he doing?

jc-the dog in the shrub was so funny. I still don't know why the little man did it. Pics will come soon.

margaret-the bird is really funny. He told me the bird was keeping an eye on the neighbor.

holliholli-yes the same spider bit me. Not to get you more paranoid, but every once in awhile I have found some spiders hiding in my clothes. (When I lived in FLA, one time I put a shirt on and a palmetto was in it, yay fun)
Our emily is so not into the toys. Makes me sad. Labs are spazzy puppies forever and then suddenly she's an old girl.

That bluebird is so sweet. I really love how the chirping is so authentic.

stepping-Thanks s. I was really really upset about it.
The bird is (was) a yard ornament my mom gave me. My son has taken control of it and has now made me create a nest for it.

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