17 May 2007

Since we had reason left to smile...

I am supporting Ninotchka over at Create a connection. What's something that's useful in your home that you have come to really love?

I love this table. This was my parents dining room table. It's not a real Wakefield Table, just a good imitation. It's still made better than some of today's stuff. It's really krunked up on the top, it's in dire need of some refinishing, but I still love it. The really funny thing is that we have been using it as a computer table upstairs. We have been eating at this tiny little IKEA cafe table that was going to be temporary. Temporary for 4 years.

So yesterday of all days(during this huge thuderstorm), I got sick of everything, and the adrenaline kicked in and I moved this table down the stairs. Truthfully I thought I was going to get it stuck on the stairs. I'm still very proud of myself. I tend to reaarange furniture on a whim.

The table looks nice in my favorite part of the house-the back sliding doors looking outdoors. At dusk we've been watching the bats come out. It's fun.


holly said...

It looks gorgeous! My hubby is the compulsive furniture rearranger in our house. Sometimes it does wonders and breathes new life in to a room. Looks like that's what happened for you.

JC said...

Cool table! I would love to watch the bats, I've always been fascinated by bats.

Lisa said...

The table is gorgeous and I love the painting on the wall too. Wonderful colors!

Irene said...


I've been moving furniture around in my house too :)

Margaret said...

oooo, the red lantern with the painting, bad-assed perfection, off the subject. but true

marybishop said...

What an inviting space - I need to do some rearranging of furniture too...

I love the colors you've used, of course you would know what colors to put with what because you are Paintergirl!

holli said...

I wish we could come watch bats with you. That would be a blast.. Faith and I both like them.

As for the table being upstairs and a tiny one being temporarily downstairs for years.. that's something I would do.. and have done many times.

I'm not sure if I'm making sense. I'm taking medication.

Rose said...

Bats! Jeepers.

That table looks way cool. Simple furniture that is well designed and well crafted. I can see why you treasure it.

I think it's time I did some rearranging at home. You've inspired me.

Queen of the Run-on Sentence said...

We have bats that live in the trees outside of our front door. We hear them every night when they take off to have their time on the town.

By the way I finally finished the questions. Sorry it took so long.

Susan said...

I remember when I was a kid finding something in our house that I had never noticed before - a painting in a dark hall, a record cabinet tucked behind a chair, a little collection of salt spoons.
It's like buried treasure.

Jocelyn said...

Could I please have that table so I could then write a post about that's the thing in my house that's functional and I really love?

In the absence of that table, I'd have to say our espresso machine. Yes, it's a luxury, but having Miss Silvia there on the counter keeps the passion in my marriage of three (who knew I'd welcome another woman so eagerly?).

paintergirl said...

where have i been?

holly-Thank you-I knew instantly that it was going to work. I have bruised arms from the move but it's worth it.

jc-it REALLY needs some tlc. There is a big water mark on it from when I was a teen and I layed a wet sweater on it. I have no idea what got into my brain. I laugh/cringe when I notice it.
Bats are cool. I want to go to carlsbad one day.

lisa-thanks! One of my most successful paintings ever that I'm too emotionally attached to ever sell.

irene-moving helps heal, it's always nice to change one's perspective. furniture is a quick fix

margaret-wow-I don't think I've ever had bad assed perfection. I really need that. Thanks!

mary!-it really helps to move things around. I put some stuff away-it's become a nice area. and thanks mary!

holli-the past week it's been too cool for the bats. but I'm ok with that-they'll be out soon enough.
The table is so typical of us too. and before i had the orange chairs, we had folding chairs. we must seem like the insane family.

rose-simple design is the best isn't it? The bats are really really great to watch. what's fun is when the fireflies come out and the bats are out too.

queen-my sis used to have bats in her attic, and they took videos of them taking off at night. I like bats but in my house may be something else. I really like your anwers too!!

susan-That's so funny and sweet. It's true. I look at some things my mom still has that I grew up with and think-well that is really nice . And thank you for stopping by-trout towers has such a nice romatic ring to it!

joceyln-you are so funny. But i have seen your table and your didning room and it's lovely! very inspirational place.

You know why I like you so-you rhyme and that is so endearing. MMM-expresso machine-I would love that too if we had one.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful! What an inviting setting. Well done.

paintergirl said...

Thank you. I liked doing this.

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