12 March 2007

What's new pussycat...

Sorry I have Tom Jones in my head.

OK everyone-I have/had the flu. Yes-again. I had it at the beginning of flu season and now at the end. It completely blows.

I told Holli I had an out of body experience washing my hands. Well here it is. Do you know when you have a dream, and you are watching yourself do things, like drive a car, walk down the street. Well that's what it was like for me. I felt I wasn't washing my hands, just watching myself do it. I was directing myself.

People this is why I would never do drugs. A bout with the flu messes with my mind completely.

I was driving through town today and heard Beethoven's 9th Symphony ringing out on the bells at a local church. Is it just me or am I the only one that thinks of A Clockwork Orange when I hear Ode to Joy? What song has been destroyed in your mind by a movie or TV show? I know I'm a recovering sick person but please amuse me today.


JC said...

The flu twice? Man, that sucks!

I'm the same way with the 9th. That's a good question, I'm going to have to think of a good answer, one is not coming to mind at the moment. Although I can say that "Get A Life" made me like REM's "Stand" when I hated it before.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Oh man. My kids are sick, again. And again. And again. Since the beginning of December. I think we have yet to have a full week where someone isnt coughing, throwing up or with a cold. I am hoping I dont get the most recent thing...5 min ago my 4 year old threw up in the sink while we were brushing teeth.

I love Tom Jones.

Hope you feel better!

kristen said...

I hope you feel better soon. And curses to the parents that send their sick kiddies to school. We ALL love our alone time, but at the expense of everyone else, not to mention that a sick child usually isn't up to going to school in the first place when they aren't feeling well.

Jocelyn said...

Why can I only think of the song "Thank You for Being a Friend" as the theme song for "Golden Girls"?

I swear I didn't watch "Golden Girls."

Hardly ever, anyhow.

Feel better!

hollibobolli said...

Thank you for elaborating on the hand washing incident. I have this happen frequently - it's great when I'm driving. Kidding.

Cadillac has pretty much RUINED Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" for me. In fact, when we listen to that cd out of the box set, I skip over that song, much to Faith's horror. But that is the cd we listen to the most because it has "Stare away" (Stairway to Heaven), "Kylie is a bunny" (Misty Mountain Hop) and (Break out the Lovey - Lovey is Faith's baby blanket), which are all Faith's favorite Led Zeppelin tunes.

So thank you Led Zeppelin for selling out, when you won't even reunite for a tour - you HAPPY LITTLE FWEAKS!!

paintergirl said...

I had all of these really witty remarks and then the little man pushed the power off button and well they're gone daddy gone.

jc-I remember how annoying that song was, and then that show was so great. Ok that's an example I didn't think of.

stepping-You are kidding me. I really hate the summer heat, but one thing about it, you don't have flu bugs running around the place. I hope your girls get better and you stay healthy. I have TJ singing a Prince song-it's GREEAT!

Kristen-Exactly! We all love our time, but being inconsiderate made both the wee man and I sick. And we all have to pay for pre-k, so a couple of missed days aren't going to add up. It's irratating.

Jocelyn-I forgot about that show and the song. That's so funny. I used to watch that but now I can't remember why. was it on before jeopardy or something like that?

holliholli-Ugggh. Bands that sell out. That's bad too. Didnn't think of that either. Hearing The Stones and The Who in commercials bothers me as well. Wait-isn't there a commercial with Blister in the Sun? Can't think off hand, you know my brain and all.
Oh I really like Faith's "Stare Away". It puts a new twist on that song. Maybe she'll have a Zep cover band one day. We need more girl rockers. I'm glad I'm not the only one subjecting my child to music that we like. I honestly am trying for my son to start the 21st century Ramones. Hey and that's a good name. Bless me.

paintergirl said...

Now to just add to some songs that have been ruined. I can't hear the Moody Blues and not think of the Simpsons-"I want fatty". I guess it could be worse but there are so many from that show. I'll forever picture Homer eating chips floating through space when I hear 2001 music-what song is that? Is it by Strauss?

JC said...

It's the Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss. I think of Homer eating the chips in space too!

Margaret said...

no, you're not and I just im'ed a friend "what's new peuusy cat"... weird, very weird

paintergirl said...

jc-I think Deep Space Homer is one of the best episodes, yet I can never watch 2001 without giggling. Terrible. Curses to Matt Groening.

margaret-I just love that song, and it's very funny you just used it too. I once saw a Mexican woman driving a huge rusted out Bronco blaring that song and singing loudly. I still laugh thinking about it.

marybishop said...

Oh no, the double whammy - I had two separate colds at the same time, so I should talk. One cold was in its death throes while brand new baby cold was born. Ridiculous!

Feel better soon!!!!

paintergirl said...

Mary! It's like a star. An old one dies and in the dust a new one comes.Except colds are not that exciting. It's such a pain being sick. I need a mom to take care of me.

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