14 March 2007

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Self-Portrait challenge

my pimped pic!
Check out more SPC here.

We just watched The Royal Tenenbaums again. Jos and I really like it. It didn't get good reviews but what do critics know. We watched the making of and Wes Anderson was interviewed by a Maysles brother. I have visions of making a movie, but I could not find myself as meticulous as Wes. I would be the renegade director who shoots on the streets. Just find locations and film. Sometimes it works, sometimes you get yelled at and have to run away fast. Who knows. One day.

Of course I wanted to keep using movie posters as my SPC but I thought I would venture out and try the Pikipimp. Very funny. My movie title would be "The House That Fear Built".


kristen said...

i love the pikipimp, it's very graphic novel-like.

JC said...

I love Tenenbaums, it's in my top 5. Cool pic. Why do they call it pikipimp? Because you're pimping your piks?

paintergirl said...

kristen-ohhh I like the graphic novel idea.

jc-it is a really good movie. It's pikipimp because you can add glasses and necklaces, that sort of thing. I really liked the word bubble.

Oh and I should clarify-The movie title, that's just for this self portrait pic.

hollibobolli said...

OMG - I F'ing love your poster. I think it's BRILLIANT!!!!

I thought the Tenenbaums got great reviews? Or did I just create that in my mind, because it's in my top 5 too.. and one of the few purchases I've made. And I force people to watch it while I do the crazy laugh.'

I like the word bubble too - especially when the lips are pronounced.


paintergirl said...

holliholli-I really really love Tenenbaums. The artwork is great.

You are very funny-bubble. Hey I saw some knitted cupcakes in a fabric magizine. Super cute with a cherry red pom pom on top.

JC said...

Congrats on being a pick this past week!

paintergirl said...

Thanks! I am shocked really.

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