09 March 2007

I could be from Mars...

Oh poor paintergirl. Try putting together Hot Wheels Swamp Master without directions when you feel like hell.

I am sick and I have to complain.

Why do parents that have sick kids send them to school and make everyone else sick? Why can't people do the right thing and keep those kids home for a couple of days?

A neighbor of mine sends her son to the same school as I send mine, and I think he has missed one day the entire year because she refuses to not have "her alone time". I shouldn't let this bother me, and I can't change the way people act, but it still irritates me. I would never send the wee man off.


Laura said...

Sometimes we have no choice. Who has full time jobs, that work alone in offices that do not allow or it's impossible to make the work from home, sometimes, yes, they have to sent the sick kids to school although they are medicated. I have already stayed at home with my sick kids but only when it is something really serious or dangerous. Colds, flu, if the kids take their meds they go to school. Some people have no one that can stay with them at home. I know, it's not fair, but sometimes it's necesasy.

paintergirl said...

Hi Laura- Thanks for stopping by.I have to disagree though. There is a certain amount of responsibilty you take when you're a parent. Even if you take an hour to find a sitter, then that's the way. That said-I'm also venting about parents who do stay home and have no excuse, except to drop the child off because they can't deal with sick children. They should have thought twice about having children in the first place, rather than it being a cool thing to do. (This is a problem here in the States.)

Laura said...

Sometimes I really think we (US and Portugal) are different planets. I'm not being critical. I agree with you. We should stay at home with our sick children.
In the States you have a lot of SAHM or fathers that although being at home they take the sick kids to school, and that I really don't understand. You also have the opportunity to get babysitters.
Here in Portugal there are no babysitters. I mean if I needed someone to take care of my kids for one day or even one hour, I couldn't find it. Almost everybody works full time here and only if there is an older relative available to stay with the kid is it possible not to miss work.
You know, I blog in English because I want to know other lifestyles, cultures, etc. but sometimes I end up with the dilemma of commenting or not some posts because the lifestyle is so different and there are so many things I'm not aware of. Thank you so much for your reply. It's good to know that my comments are read and that I can learn something from them. Have a nice weekend.

paintergirl said...

Hi Laura-I'm so glad you came back. I understand completely. Have a great weekend.

hollibobolli said...

I'm with you paintergirl. I spent an ASSLOAD of time in a different state away from Faith because I wasn't about to drop her sick body at daycare so she could contaminate the masses. Not to mention, as a child with a suppressed immune system from being sick - she couldn't being sick kids if she wasn't feeling well.

I sacrificed my ass off to do what was right for her, not what was best for me - even though I spent a lot of nights sobbing my guts out.

And I'm not trying to be the argumentative one - but I had no Stay at home anyone or anything because I was the working BOTH. If I stayed home - nobody worked and everyone was F'd.

I had no babysitters because I was new to the state and didn't trust anyone - thus I ended up driving Faith 4 hours away.

I could go on and on, but I wouldn't have had to do this had people kept their sick kids HOME. And dammit - one of those illnesses nearly killed her. LITERALLY.

That being said - I love you both.

I have to go stuff a child full of crappy food.

hollibobolli said...

Bad grammar = she couldn't "being?"

she couldn't be with sick kids...

JC said...

Sorry you're sick. Yep, people do lots of stupid stuff!

paintergirl said...

hollibojama-I think you are one in a million. I know you were a single mom then-I don't know how you did it, or any single mom for that matter. I don't have a babysitter, and well I'm not so trusting of anyone with my little man either. I'm lucky because I don't have to work right now, which was the plan until he starts school.

You talk reel purdy!

It's ok. I just had an out of body experience washing my hands.

jc-It's so bad I took a nap. I never take naps.

holli said...

What kind of out of body experience???

You must write a blog post about it. Maybe that's what is happening with Faith, as she won't stop going into the bathroom to play at the sink. She comes out saturated in water. In fact, she told me she doesn't even need soap anymore as she's used it all up!!!

I don't know how I did it either. I must have been crazy. BEEN??

JC said...

And oh yeah, the Swamp Master sounds totally rad.

paintergirl said...

holli-ok I'll post about this, it may bore you to tears but I have nothing else right now. Faith is cracking me out.

jc-swamp master is cool,except he has seen better days. But I guess that's what happens. I like it because he says "Yeah-I rule swamp realm!"

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