16 March 2007

Jeux sans frontieres...

You know the song, "It's raining again" insert snowing for all the raining bits and that's what life is like here now. It was unseasonably warm on Wednesday and everyone got a bath. That makes me sound like a frontier woman. "Yep I got the big wash basin out and everyone had their turn." Basically the boy and the dog had baths. Emily hasn't had one since November.

Then I got really sick again. I think I just overdid it in the warm weather, but I had crazy fevers off and on all day Thursday. I was really worried because I was so feverish and I thought I was delusional. I was so sick I couldn't eat Indian food. That's sad.

Much better today. My back is sore and I'm moving a little slow. Maybe my brain is slow also.

I spent some time on the couch watching The Tube and here are just a couple observations.

Seeing Genesis and Phil Collins wearing acid wash jeans makes me smile. I don't know why. I really don't like Phil, but I got a kick out of seeing him wear such an ill inspired fashion statement with such feeling.

On to the original Genesis creator, Peter Gabriel. (And I just looked on Wikipedia, he started the band the year I was born -67!) Love the man. Except now I think he has lost his mind, and I don't think I can love an insane man.

Phil Collins in acid wash jeans in the 80's= endearing
Peter Gabriel driving a segway in concert in the present=icky

The song he was singing was my favorite too, Games Without Frontiers.

I almost cried but I was so ashamed. What was he thinking? Maybe he had a fever too.


kristen said...

Seeing all this talk about a fever makes me think of cowbell. (=
This weather totally sucks, I was wearing short sleeves and no coat on Wednesday, sigh.
I hope you're feeling better soon.

JC said...

I'm glad you're feeling better today!

I couldn't believe it when I heard about the snow up there. Spring has sprung here.

I used to love Peter Gabriel, I had no idear that he was doing crazy things now. Riding a Segway? Just like Gob!

Take it easy and get better!

adam said...

Me and Gav went to see Peter in '03, and he was riding his segway around back then too! We'd been to see him in '87 (one of my first gigs!) and he didn't seem to have changed a great deal, except for that hair! I never really 'got' Genesis the same way as I do the 'Floyd, especially when Phil took up the vocal duties.
Get well soon!

paintergirl said...

kristen-COWBELL-that's what I need!!
I'm still shocked by all the snow.

jc-this is taking me forever to get over. I am sick of eating garlic.
I know Gob and Gabriel. Who knew they were the same. I'm very scared.

adam-You went to see him-cool. But the segway? It's still so sad for me. And the hair? Jos and I have talked about the hair also. Ahh and the Floyd. Just watched a BBC special about Syd.

marybishop said...

Poor baby, you are still sick. Did you have a strep test? Anyone who's anyone in my circle of friends and family has had strep in the past few weeks...not me, just pissant colds for me -- not sick enough to stop caring for those that are sicker.

Feel better soon!!!!!!

paintergirl said...

Hey Mary-Oh yeah-I'm coughing though no sore throat. So I go between drinking whiskey and then tea.

hollibobolli said...

Lord - I can't believe you're still feeling bad. I'm so. sorry!!!

I love Peter Gabriel. "Us" and "The Last Temptation of Christ" are two of my favorite cds.

Yeah - suck down those hot totties!!

paintergirl said...

Holli-I had to break down and go to the doc. Could not do this on my own.

hollibobolli said...

GOOD!!! Sometimes medical attention is needed. This has gone on long enough. I mean, if you're hiding behind the fridge and all - things have gone horribly wrong.

paintergirl said...

Trapped in my house is more like it. I embrace antibiotics.they have made me normalish again.

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