08 March 2007

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on...

This is not the kind of car trip I want to take anytime soon.

I have been thinking about my personality. Well really I was thinking about the personality of real estate agents and how different I am from them. I think it takes a certain person to sell houses, and they may not always do what is right. I have a hard time dealing with people who choose to make the wrong decision. Here is a quick Meyers-Brigg test to take if you've never done one.

I'm an INFP. 3% of the population. My occupation should be Psychologist or artist. Funny no? I am a good listener and understand a person very quickly. Yet I have no desire to be a counselor. I would take everyone's problems home with me.

*The management would like to add as something completely different, but fears as time goes by it will be forgotten. Did anyone see the lunar eclipse on Saturday? I was closing the curtains and saw a red moon, and I blamed pollution. A few minutes later I looked, and saw a white crescent...oh..


kristen said...

looks like artist it is!

JC said...

I'm an INFP too. Somewhere there's a "bloginality" page that shows that a large percentage of bloggers are INFP. Makes sense I guess.

paintergirl said...

kristen-I could not picture myself listening to Tony S's all day and not have a freak out. Definitely artist.

jc-Really-really? I am surprised actually. I'm not surprised you are, but blog world...
I found a very silly 4 question test online. When I was at the newspaper, they made all employees take the test. There were about 150 questions. All the smarmy managers were E-somethings. I think they all lied.

Jocelyn said...

I'm an ENFP, but I can see, as I age, that I'm veering more towards an I and a J, on occasion.

Yes, that lunar eclipse was pretty dramatic!

paintergirl said...

Hey Jocelyn-
You're a teacher aren't you? I think teachers are natural e's.

marybishop said...

Surprise, I'm a performer! The thing is, I'm in transition now...I had a hard time answering some of the questions because I had answers from the old me and answers from the new me.

I hope I wasn't supposed to stay the same, because I really haven't. I perform, for example, at social events, but choose to go to a lot fewer now than when I was younger.

Interesting test because now I have to give myself some thought - who the hell am I?

paintergirl said...

Mary-A performer!The old me vs the new me. Please elaborate. I'm very curious. What are the letters?

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