05 February 2007

This town ain't big enough for the both of us...

All work and no play makes Homer something something...

I have been so busy the past few days. Not fun busy but cleaning the house, people looking at it busy. I will admit, this is making me neurotic. Completely insane. I hate showing the house so much, and it's only been a week. Please let this end soon.

One day, the only fun I had was taking the train into the city to see Jos work up at Grand Central. The little man was excited to run with his dad along the platform and down the city streets and then to have lunch at a diner. Not a moment to waste, because we had to catch a train back to clean and move the animals out before a house viewing. I'm out of breath thinking about that day. Some day soon Jos will update his blog and talk about the project and show more pics of the space. I'm really proud of him.On the way back we saw a tug boat pushing a barge. I never saw this sort of thing until we lived by the Hudson.I never get tired of seeing boats on the river.

Then I realised I needed to get a better shot of the Palisades on the other side. I love this part of the Hudson the best. These are absolutely spectacular. I tried the camera 101 technique of moving the camera along with the speed of the train. Cameras are not my best friends.

Then I needed a laugh the next day so I went back down to the frozen lake.

The lake started to thaw and I saw these lovely swans.

Now the great part is,this is what was placed around the lake.An ugly fence and this sign every 3 feet. "Danger-Do not enter lake". It makes me laugh because I think the wording is weird. Now it makes me sound like I'm going to be the Lady of the Lake, and I'm going to be the keeper of Excalibur any day now. I have a strong urge to deface this and add lady to it. Somebody dare me and I'll do it.


kristen said...

Dare you. Double dare you. And a drawering by PG will be a welcome addition me thinks. Triple dare you!!

And my girl has a break the last week in February. Let's meet in the city!!

Dysfunctional Housewife said...

I DOUBLE DOG Dare You. ;)

paintergirl said...

OK I have to do this now. I am a Guerilla Girl you know. I don't have THAT mask anymore, but I promise everyone will be amused.

K-Hey when are the dates-does she have feb 26-mar2? Or is it feb 19-23? We have to do something. even if we meet at a chocolate house. Let's arrange man. I'm excited.

D-So happy you stopped by. June Cleaver is my mom. How can I be not like her and like her at the same time?

kristen said...

PG - She's off the week of the 19th - 23rd. Please lets meet, we'll have great fun I just know it.

holli said...

Dammit - I want to join you biaotches.

I quadruple dog dare you.

I'm so jealous you all live so close. I'm going off to sulk in my Okie - whatever. I'll go play a freaking banjo and sit in a tanktop or something. Wait, I think that's a different state. I'll just put on some boots and kick the wall.

paintergirl said...

K-That's when the wee man has off too. Winter break right? Oh goodie, I can look forward to something rather than trying to sell the house and all the other stuff.

Holli-Have you ever worn a tank top?Wouldn't it be a wee bit cold too? I'm just picturing you in a tank on some strangers truck in 20 degree weather. I also picture you more guitar less banjo-yeah and isn't that appalachia? Wait and do you live in the Okla-where one of my favorite bands of all times is from?
You will be here in spirit with us. I guarantee it.

JC said...

I don't know if the sign has been "corrected" yet or not, but I think it should have "Hey Lady" added to the front of it.

paintergirl said...

Jc-so glad you're back! No the sign change has not happened. I'm not sure if I want my son to witness this event or not.So depending what kind of mom I want my son to think I am, I may post a new sign tomorrow or thurs.

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