06 February 2007

i did before and had my share...

In my pre-celebration for Valentines Day AND how we could all use some cheering up, here are 2 Youtube videos to check out. It's ear and eye candy. I guess that's why it's pop because you just want to eat it up. Hat's off to Lilly for posting Peter Bjorn ages ago.

Young Folks-Peter Bjorn & John
Candylion-Gruff Rhys


JC said...

I'll have to check this out later at home. We have the flickr Nazi at work - "No flickr for you!"

paintergirl said...

No soup for you! That is so sad, but I understand. I think I have watched each of these a dozen times today.

JC said...

Whoops, I meant the youtube Nazi! We have both. I liked these.

Lilly said...

[Quick hello -- just stopping by before I'm off to bed....yeah, that Young Folks is one of the best songs ever! I am still so in love with it....it was my cousin, Morten, who told me about it. He knew I'd like it.]

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