30 January 2007

Before your eyes...

I started my day off feeling alone and sad.

Then I started thinking about all I have to be thankful for. The coffee really helped me.

Later in the morning I knew I had to take the wee man and the lab to the track for a run. It has been crazy cold here and we all need to burn off some energy even it was in the teens. Ask me if I like running.
You: "Do you like running pg?"
Me: "Not really. I used to run, but I'd rather walk fast."

The outdoors also helped my spirit.

Then later in the day I went to the frozen lake.

This is Lake Meehagh. In the olden days there used to be an Ice Co. here and they would cut blocks of ice and take them into the city. There are posted signs that when it's ok, you can ice skate on it. Right.

What you can't see in this photo are city guys putting up a fence around the lake so no one goes walking across it. What's really funny is that these guys started yelling, and I knew they were yelling at me. I refused to look at them. Did they think I was going to step out on this half frozen lake? I would never do that. There would have to be others out on this lake safely skating or whatever for me to be comfortable stepping on this ice. Yet I still thought it was funny these guys were yelling at me.

I like this rock the best.


holli said...

What were they yelling? Just "hey hey!!!" How many guys - I need visual. The thought of yelling guys while you're trying to snap your lovely ice lake pictures makes me laugh.

Hey LADY!!! We're an American Cupcake!! WOO WOO!!!

Lilly said...

Lovely pictures, lovely scenery -- glad the coffee helped you. Coffee solves everything. [or at least I'd like to think so].

kristen said...

I love the rock in the half-frozen ice picture best. I'm glad you ignored the yelling worker dudes. (=

JC said...

Hey, stay off the lake lady!

paintergirl said...

holli-They were yelling "hey lady, hey lady". Almost makes you want to start singing the Beastie Boys-Hey ladies...I only wish they were singing the shirtless lyrics of Mark Farner!

lilly-isn't coffee just grand. Toady I made french press kind and that tastes the best-in my opinion.

kristen-Thanks man-I love the rock too. I have some other pics to put up. One there is a tree and it branches are hanging low and froze in the lake.

jc-the flailing arms out of the corner of my eye really started to make me laugh. I drove by them moments later and one guy just gave me the evil eye. Do I look insane?

Irene said...

lovely photos, makes me wish my body system could stand caffeine...

Alan said...

I like your table.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I like this post. I feel sad today and it reminds me to look around me and really see things.

Our town has an ice company too, but for the fishing boats!

WHERE on earth do you get American Apparel bikini bras, hmmm?

paintergirl said...

Irene-You can't have caffeine?

Alan-thanks-IKEA. It was going to be a temp table and now it's our full time table.

Stepping-I hope you are feeling better! I get self involved too much and I have to step back all the time.

We'll talk about American Apparel. I think you'll love them.

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