19 February 2007

Baby went to Amsterdam...

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year-Year of the Pig!

In celebration we have had Asian food all weekend. Saturday I made red lentil/ginger soup and broiled salmon with ginger/soy sauce marinade over soba noodles. I have been wanting to try the salmon recipe for a long time and it came out perfectly. (I'm not one to brag but it came out nicely. Me and broiling don't mix very well. A couple of weeks ago I tried making Bruschetta and the bread caught on fire. That would have been a nice picture!Moments before I thought wouldn't it be funny if the bread caught on fire. It wasn't funny.)
Sunday was Crab Rangoon's and Pad Thai. I don't think I could ever get sick of eating Pad Thai.

Today my little man and I met Acumamakiki and miss A at The Children's Museum in NYC. I was so excited to meet my first blog friend. The museum was mobbed!! There were about 1 million little chilblains running round with twice as many parental units blocking the way. My wee man had fun but the crowds were not thrilling.

I knew I would like both Kiki and A. We have made plans for warmer weather in an open space. Kiki has such a sweet voice and is exactly how I imagined her to be. And Miss A is so smart and funny just like her mom. I'm happy we got to see them despite the mobs at the museum.


JC said...

I'm jealous you got to meet Kiki and A. I thought you all had met before.

That salmon dish sounds really good!

kristen said...

We had such a nice time PG, thank you for meeting us. I've never seen a more crowded place, meanwhile A can't stop talking about it being her favorite museum, it was the best place and when can we go back!!

paintergirl said...

jc- we tried before. Crazy snow or kids getting sick. This time we braved 15 F weather and thousands od children to hook up. It was worth it!
The salmon was good and even better as leftover on a mini bagel.

kristen-it was like a rock concert for children. It was insane wasn't it? The little man wants to go again too. He thought it was pretty cool to follow an older woman around the place.

Rose said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. I swear I will be visiting you one day too. It's in the big long term plan, that's for sure. I think we could easily be recipe swappers as well as CD swappers. Pad Thai is one of my faves too. With liberal amounts of fish sauce and lemon juice sploshed all over it. Yum!

paintergirl said...

Rose-If we don't go to NZ first. I'm afraid we would go and not want to came back. I'll have to figure out a way to expense a trip. MMMM..fish sauce.

kristen said...

My girl has that effect. (= It was like a rock concert and I know we can make them forget about that museum with something more entertaining. At the very least there's always the Natural History which A adores.

paintergirl said...

Kristen-Exactly. Well my little guy never forgets anything but he is always up for anything that gets us out of the house. "Is it for kids?" He loves the NHM too. I never tire of the big canoe. :)

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