21 February 2007

At the bottom of a dark, Scottish Lake...

Today was a beautiful day up here. Decided to take the wee man and Emily out to Blue Mountain Park. We were the only ones there. It was warmish but the snow was slowly melting. JC has posted pics of Texas, Acumamakiki has pics of NYC, I bring you the lower Hudson Valley in New York.

I love this sign. I have problems reading signs when the kerning of the letters is off. One time I read a sign as Lamana Ting. Figure it out kids.

I love this half buried tree.

This is the lake that looks pretty frozen to me, but I will trust the forest rangers.

I hope these pictures relay how blindingly bright it was out here.The only time I will post a pic of my son because I get too weirded out by doing so. He insists to always walk Emily by himself. I can't believe I had them stand still this long to take their pic.


hollibobolli said...

When kerning is off it freaks me off too!!

I love that your dog's name is Emily!!! That pic is tooooooooo cute. Your son is a doll!

What will I do if Faith stops letting me take her pic? Wait, what am I saying, it's already started!!

Margaret said...

I love the picture of the little man and and the dog. What a beautiful day!

paintergirl said...

holli holli-The kerning drives me crazy. To Day. What is the space for? Emily is such a schmemily. She is the biggest baby. The cat chases her. Faith refuses to have her pic taken?

margaret-Thanks! it was so lovely out there. I kept a watchful mama eye out for wild animals. We were the ONLY ones and I kept thinking bears.

JC said...

I like it when dogs have people names. Nice pics!

JC said...

Oh and I forgot - nice Police shoutout. I'm getting very nervous about getting tickets to that concert - I've heard they've been selling out in under 10 minutes at each stop.

paintergirl said...

jc-When we got Emily, I think I wanted to name her Roxy, but Jos suggested Em from-"See Emily play..." Oh the Police here, they sold out in 8 minutes. No I'm not one of the lucky ones.

acumamakiki said...

Roxy is an awesome name for any pet.....but Emily seems to fit your pooch.

I love this photo of your boy and dog, and I SO understand about not posting photos of your kid and feeling weird about it. I am forever cutting off A's head or catching her from behind because of this.
I love the no skating photo!

Lilly said...

Wow! Very beautiful, PG -- and nice to get a wee glimpse of the wee man, though I too totally understand why you don't want to post photos of him on your blog :-)
We're totally snowed in here. I've posted some pictures on my blog from a local newspaper. It's crazy at the moment and I had so many plans for the weekend with different members of my family. I'd really been looking forward, but they've all been cancelled or postponed :-(

paintergirl said...

acumamakiki-Isn't Roxy great? Emily does fit our crazy girl.I also like the name Piper. It's a good terrier name.

lilly-I can't believe your snowstorm. It's funny, I thought Denmark got alot of snow. I'm sorry your plans got messed up.

Dan said...

Wow! You are so lucky to live within view of the Hudson. Some of my favorite hiking is with views of the Hudson. And I do plenty of hiking up there. (And take way too many photos of it.) :)

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