15 February 2007

I know I won't be leaving here...

what curse words do you use the most? I started in college to use mf-er,now with the the wee man it comes out as mother of mercy. I guess I should yell out sisters of mercy then I wouldn't sound so blasphemous.

do you own an i-pod? sadly no.

what time is your alarm clock set to? I have a 4 year old who consistently wakes up at 6am.

would you rather take the picture or be in the picture? I'm not the biggest camera fan, I'd say taking it.

what was the last movie you watched? Jesus of Montreal. Before that was Down By Law.

what cd is currently in your player? Of Montreal.(Check them out)

do you prefer regular or chocolate milk? I really like chocolate soy.

has anyone told you a secret this week? no, but jos told me something funny. He said he saw Conan O'Brien throwing snowballs at a buiding.

when was the last time you had Starcrack Starbucks? Thanksgiving weekend and I had a starcrack that acumamkiki swore by.

can you whistle? Oh yeah. I can whistle "In the Mood".I know I'm odd. I cannot whistle with my fingers though, I try but it's hard.

what are you looking forward to? moving

did you watch cartoons when you were little? I loved Bugs. Mostly Daffy. Now I like watching Wow Wow Wubzy and Pucca.

do you own any band t-shirts? I have Shonen Knife and The Flaming Lips. I wear Jos. Devo and Police. I may venture out one day and wear his ELO shirt.

what will you be doing in an hour? Talking to our accountant. Fun right?

what was the last song you heard? My son singing Candy Lion

last time you cried? yesterday

desktop or laptop? No laptop-always desktop

desiring any new ink? I don't have any. I have thought about it, but I just can't. Jos has a nice Japanese bat. So I live my tattoo dreams through him.

what's the weather like? 25 and sunny. went sledding this morning!

what were you doing an hour ago? Dropping my son off to school.

how many hours of sleep do you need to function? 8

do you eat breakfast daily? mmmm....I love breakfast. I like any meal but breakfast is so nice.

what did you do last night? watched the rest of a movie and Lost.

do you use sarcasm? I grew up in a household of sarcasm. I try not to use it too much. It's strange to hear my son say something sarcastically.

do you like mustard? oh yes-horseradish is the best

do you sleep on your side/back/stomach? I joke and say I sleep like an egyptian queen mummy. I cross my ankles and fold my arms. I fall asleep really quickly this way.

do you watch the news? no. well the 10 pm local. I was forced to watch news as a child and I hate it. Too much sensationalism nothing really informative. My mom in the morning would read to me about horrible accidents.

how did you get one of your scars? Biking


JC said...

I love Down By Law! I need to watch that, I have the DVD.

I don't have an ipod either. We can be Luddites together.

And I promise I will do the post you tagged me for soon. Picking favorite movie and song is not a task I undertake lightly!

holli said...

I don't have an iPod either. I don't know what Luddite is - but I'll join.

H to the YES on the horseradish. I could eat it by the spoonful, only I'll wait until my mouth isn't one gigantic blister. That would probably be the death of me right now.

I can't pick a favorite movie and song - that would send me into over-analysis freak mode.

Kiki has a message for you - there's your secret.

paintergirl said...

jc-I forgot how good Down By Law was.After seeing it in college I had this huge crush on John Lurie and bought his album with The Lounge Lizards. I still have it. Then came Waits. Now I want to see Stranger Than Paradise again. And that lead me to listen to Screamin Jay Hawkins. Try finding one of his records in Florida in the late 80's.
Yes-down with ipods.I can't get the Simpsons ipod scene out of my head-"No we just like whipping"
I know the song and movie are not easy. I think the song will always change for me but The Graduate will remain first. The opening credits alone are designed so well. It's my perfect movie.

holli holli-
Luddites oppose technological changes. I don't know if I would have a cell phone if I didn't have a child. You know I sort of enjoy the stuff but I don't love it. I find it hard to embrace. And I have no where to use an ipod.
MMMMM-horseradish-oh and you are the one that loves salty things too.
ok picking a fav movie and song is difficult. Try it though. Please.
kiki has a message for me?

kiki said...

I love me some horseradish! I wish you would yell out sisters of mercy, that's a good one for your son to yell out as well. Hehe, I thought Down by Law was Down With Love the Ewan/Renee movie which I do love btw. And yes, I have a message for you.

paintergirl said...

kiki-oh yeah it's the horseradish fan club! And hey I have wanted to see Down with Love but haven't yet. Ok now you and Holli are freaking me out with a message for me. You both are so very cryptic.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

It's so funny about having kids...ya dont need an alarm clock! I am always sure to be up by 7 wiht my kids (I know, lucky me, they sleep from 7pm-7am) but on occasion they may sleep in and then I do and we have to SCURRY! Soooooo, I am about to go buy ALL NEW bras and underwear...where can I get American Apparel? Dept store????

kiki said...

Actually the message is from Holli, I am the messenger and the crypt-keeper, muwahahahah!

Very excited about tomorrow ~ so is miss A.

Rose said...

I might try sleeping like a mummy tonight... I want to see how that feels. I think i might giggle too much to get to sleep.

Of Montreal - nice! we would have so much fun doing music swapsies...

paintergirl said...

Rose did you try sleeping like that? I tried doing it last night but I started laughing thinking you would be laughing. We SHOULD do some cd swapsies!

Rose said...

I DID! And I giggled.

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