03 January 2007


Self portrait challenge.
A resolution, as always, is to finish this gosh darn books I have started. Mishima isn't even in here, but he will be the first to go. Some library books have crept in as well. I have some Xmas gift books too. All started by the way. Who knows where Darwin is...upstairs packed in a box already, I suppose.Self portrait challenge.
More resolutions here.


marybishop said...

Great photo PG and Happy Happy New Year! I can't wait to hear about all the changes you are making in 07 and wish you and your family a great new year.

jc said...

Cool pic, it's very striking!

holli said...

Oh my gosh - this made me laugh so hard. The completely closed-eyes, dejected feeling.. I know it too well, especially amongst the people who seem to toss back books like a shot of (insert whatever I was shooting at the height of my drinking heyday). But now I can't read without Faith ripping at my arm and screaming for pictures.

When I was 18 - I snuck into a library with a book I had checked out at the age of 5!!! It was one of those "bring back the book we won't kill you" library days. I wasn't shot upon leaving the premises.. so hooray!!

I too want to read more this year. Maybe about time management. Oh who am I kidding - pftz. Serial killers and cupcakes.

Bohemian Girl said...

oh, i have so many unfinished books as well. this picture is fab!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

that's awesome! I have SOOO many books by my bed...reading one at a time!!

paintergirl said...

Mary-Thanks Mary! Oh the crazy plans that we have in store. It's taken how long?

JC-Thanks man.Ever since you said striking, I can't stop singing Madonna.

holli-Hey ya Holli. I was hoping to gather all the info by osmosis. I know exactly how the non reading life is like. You are so funny. You went back into the library with a book you had out for 13 years? I have always loved the library. I used to even hang out a place called the stacks in college.

bohemian girl-hi there! Thanks and I think I have lost count on the unfinished books.

Stepping over-I have a big pile by the bed and in the living room. I read in a feng shui book not to keep too many books in your bedroom because then you have too many other people ideas floating around the room.

adam said...

Ha! Great pic. I have the same resolution. It's right there on my "Goals for 2007" list: "Read all my outstanding books. Buy less". I had the same one last year, and here I am with a pile twice the size it was twelve months ago! I can't rush my books though - I have to soak up every sentence, even if it means I find myself reading the same paragraph over and over...

Good luck!

acumamakiki said...

I love this girlfriend, very clever.

Rose said...

I swear it looks like you are trying to ABSORB those books in some kind of meditative state, so that you don't have to read them. You look peaceful. Almost asleep... I just love this picture! Smiles!!

Kathleen said...

so funny.
i have a huge stack of books next to my bed..all started, too.
i have been plugging away at finishing them one by one...but reading in bed always puts me to sleep. hee.

good luck with your reading resolution!

paintergirl said...

Adam-I had the same one from last year too. It's maddening too. (I used to think the book, "Far From the Madding Crowd was maddening)
good luck to you too.

Thanks Kiki!

Rose-Isn't that funny-I thought that too after I took the pic. I just blew dry my hair and it was all over the place, and I had this idea for the pic. Thanks Rose and it's so nice to have you around!

Kathleen-Thanks for dropping by! Read all that you can now dear girl before the baby comes. I started "The Theory of Evolution" before the wee man-now I can't even find it. I can't read in bed either, best way for me to fall asleep.

Lilly said...

I LOVE this photo of you -- I absolutely love it! :-D

paintergirl said...

Thank you Lilly. I wish I could always look this peaceful.

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