08 January 2007

If you get caught between the moon and nyc...

Here is my son demonstrating how to turn on this very lovely toothbrush.
Immediately he asked me, "What is it doing, something strange I think"

Yes-what is it doing?

I bought my husband a battery powered toothbrush for Christmas. Bought myself one too. This is where not reading the fine print, or otherwise, large print beneath the logo gets me into trouble.

I was hoping to buy a brush that the head spins. Oh no, what it does is vibrate.

Yes I said vibrate. I guess I didn't realise that Oral B Sonic=Vibrate on the toothbrush.

Do you want to know what it is like to stick this vibrating toothbrush in your mouth?

It is like a very unsettling carnival ride. Not that fun, and you have a feeling it might not be great for you. You're more scared of the carnies, so you don't say anything.

And when it stops you are thankful to be on solid ground. That's the toothbrush exactly. When the 2 minute warning buzzes in your hand and you turn it off, it's this huge relief that the vibrating has stopped. Oh and the sound. Very authentic to a dentist's tool, if by way, your dentist uses a small Cessna aircraft in his office.

The upside to this whole fiasco of a brush is that I have very polished teeth. I'm just not sure how much my brain appreciates it. Maybe this will eliminate EST therapy in the future.

*My husband has started a new blog. I'm happy that he's doing it. Hoping he'll be inspired.Please stop by and say hi to him. Design is Stupid.


Rose said...

You'll get used to it, I'm sure! Mine is a vibrating one too. I think they generally are these days. The key is to just go slowly - let the brush do the work for you. You don't have to do so much "scrubbing". I find I can get those little places clean that never got a good brushing before - like that little spot behind your bottom front teeth... Your son sounds very cute. Don't they say the sweetest and most surprising things at that age? Mine say surprising things, but they are not usually very sweet things!

Margaret said...

having your teeth vibrate and rattle doesn't sound good

JC said...

I've never used an electric toothbrush before, and now I'm not sure that I want to!

paintergirl said...

Rose-Really, is there something bad about the rotating ones? I'm surprised at how long 2 minutes is when brushing teeth.

Margaret-It is very strange.

jc-I tried out my son's race car toothbrush once. It's cool. Maybe I should just that one. I know I'm exaggerating but it is very weird.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

how funny! Even funnier/cuter is the photo of your son with the pedestal sink (showing how little he is) right next to him. Something about that makes me think "how cute"!!!

paintergirl said...

Stepping over-Isn't the little hands so sweet.

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