01 January 2007

All is quiet...

Happy New Year's everyone! (Sorry, it's the only New Year's song I know)

2006 was a bit of a roller coaster and I'm not planning on looking back anytime soon.
I usually don't make resolutions that make me commit to something everyday. I find it hard to live by rules that I impose upon myself. If I say I'm going to meditate everyday, it will probably not last into the second week of January. (Meditating by the way, I'm like Lindsey in Arrested Development, falling asleep.) Last year as in previous years I have said I'm going to finish all the books I started years ago. I read some of them. Of Human Bondage is the next one to tackle.

This will be a big year. I turn 40. That's pretty big to me. We didn't sell our house, but plan on putting it back up. We have some serious life altering plans in the works, so the next few months will be busy and a telltale of what the year will bring us.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day, some of you have already had your New Year's Day. Remain thoughtful in your actions, and peace to all you crazy kids.


acumamakiki said...

Happy New Year girlfriend. Yes please, let's get together before you move (which I have every confidence will happen) and I can't wait to see what you all have in the works.......peace.

Margaret said...

no looking back may be my resolution

paintergirl said...

Kristen-I will plan this outing even though I'm a bit shy, and I'd hate for you to be dissappointed.
Hope all is well.

Margaret-I think it's a good one. Forward. I'd like to fast forward at times.

jc said...

I love that picture - there's something about rocks like that that really speaks to me. I saw some like that in Alabama and Tennessee over Christmas. None like that here.

May 2007 bring you great things!

paintergirl said...

Thanks jc! I love rocks too-these were at Bear Mountain. I really love these huge ones that you can imagine were cut by the glaciers, oh a few years ago. Right back at'cha!

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