29 December 2006

Rock and rock and roll radio. let's go...

Our Christmas was quiet. Just the 3 of us. Sometimes I like it that way, but I do miss my giant family gatherings sometimes. Maybe next year.

The holiday was not without it's craziness. We decided to get the little man a drum set. I don't know if a 4 year old normally knows how to hold drumsticks and use the bass drum. I swear he played like he was doing it his whole young life. Instead of Marc Bolan, I think we may have Keith Moon. Yesterday we were trying to drum to an Eagles song and I realized it may not be so appropriate for a wee man to be singing, "somebody is going to hurt someone...". Quickly I said let's learn, Rock and Roll Radio by The Ramones. Much better.

Usually Christmas is also marked by us watching some marathon of a TV series. One year was, not a TV show, it was the Planet of the Apes movies. That was strange. One year it was Season 1 of The Sopranos. It made us start swearing more than we usually do. Last year was 6 Feet Under. I really love that show, but again kind of odd to be watching at Christmas. This year, I needed to lighten things up. I decided we missed a few episodes, and probably never saw Arrested Developmentt in the right order. I'm still laughing over the never nude.

Took the tree down yesterday. Sad to not have the lights, but I'm not one to keep holiday decorations up.
I'm not sure if it's an old wives tale, or just my mom's tale, but she always told me "you shouldn't do anything on New year's day that you don't want to do all year." In college I should have listened to this, because I always seemed to be nursing a hangover all year. Now that I'm older, taking down decorations is not high on my priority list of activities I want to do all year.


jc said...

I had a Bugs Bunny drum set when I was that age. I loved that thing! Later on I switched to guitar though.

Arrested Development is so great. And it's even funnier when you watch a bunch of them at once because of all the jokes that carry through multiple episodes.

paintergirl said...

Bugs Bunny drums-very cool! We have guitars ready for him if he ever wants to try them out. I am not musical-I don't understand the notes and I can't quite figure out how it all comes together. It amazes me.

Oh and now I didn't realize there are more episodes of season 1. So glad I saw it at the library before I checked out Season 2. I also really the the police strippers. "And that is why you never try to teach your son a lesson"

Margaret said...

taking down the christmas is no fun

paintergirl said...

Margaret-I know-I miss the twinkly lights. I need to get little votives out. Try not to make it look like a sacrifice/church house.

Lilly said...

Oh ho ho! A wee Keith Moon?!!! Excellent! Your kid is going to be the coolest young dude around, PG! Learning to play The [mighty] Ramones at the age of 4 -- way to go! And I am not being sarcastic by the way; I do think it's pretty cool.

I've heard about this Arrested Development show but never watched it. Don't think it's on any of the channels we get here -- not for the moment anyway. I was off sick again yesterday, so while Alan was busy in the garage with my dad, I was enjoying re-watching Tootsie with hot drinks and a blanket over me. Niiice.

paintergirl said...

I swear Lilly he gets better everyday. We have them set up in the living room so we all get on them and bang around. Our poor dear lab and cat are so completely freaked out by the noise, they actually hang out together upstairs. Today he sang a song about dinosaurs.

Check out AD if you get a chance. The humor is way above average. Extremely funny.

I'm glad you are taking it easy-mmm hot drinks and all cosied under blankets, very nice. There is a cough going around here too.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Oh DRUMS!!!! I have kept noisemakers out of the house...we have very little battery operated toys in our home and instruments, well, thankfully their dad has that at his house! Enjoy the drums! My house is ornament and light free now too and it feels fresh and clean and ready to carry on now. Happy New Year!

paintergirl said...

Isn't it nice to have a clean house going into the new year?

The drums are very funny. We make up all sorts of songs. One day we sang about egg nog.

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