18 January 2007

The A to Z of Paintergirl

The always funny and witty jc down in Texas has tagged me.

A- available or single?
None of the above. It's been that way for 13 years. I was never with anyone longer than 3 months before I met my husband.
B- best friend? The hubby. I kind of miss having a girlfriend to complain to. Boys want to fix things all the time.
C- cake or pie? I'm a cakey kind of girl.
D- drink of choice? I'm taking jc's route. Water, coffee, seltzer and red wine. Used to always drink beer but I've switched to the ole vino.
E- essential item I use every day: Moisturizer and lipstick.
F- favorite color? I have a lot, but cerulean blue is a color I always love to use when I paint.
G- gummy bears or gummy worms? Bears. I'm not crazy about either. Swedish fish are yummy, until I learned about the whole red dye, squashed bug story.
H- hometown? Orlando-F-L-A. And no I did not live with Mickey.
I - indulgence? Dark chocolate and fresh flowers.
J- january or february? Winter is hard for me. My dad and sis died during this time. I'll pick February for the sake of getting tulips for Valentines.
K- kids and names: The little man(4) is named after a famous jazz musician, middle name a rock star. The black lab is Emily(7), and the black cat is Siddhartha(10).
L- life is incomplete without? Music. Could you imagine no music?
M- marriage date: Day before Halloween.
N- number of siblings: 2 older sisters. My oldest and I were 13 years apart. My very funny middle sister, we're 8 years apart.
O- oranges or apples? Granny Smiths in the fall, and most definitely clementines in the winter. I really don't like eating oranges. I love drinking orange juice.
P- phobias or fears? I hate HATE flying palmetto roaches. I really don't like them at all no matter what they are doing. I hate the sound they make when they are eating. I think they have a built in microphone right by their buggy little mouths. That sound has kept me up nights when I was a teen. drove me crazy. For what purpose on THIS PLANET DO WE NEED TO HEAR A ROACH EATING THE GLUE OFF OF A STAMP?
Q- favorite quote? "Is it safe?" or "When you're driving you can listen to what you want!"
R- reasons to smile? It's snowing!! I just picked my son up from pre-k and made real hot cocoa so we're all sugared up.
S- season? I used to love the spring, but now I get allergies.sniff. It has to be fall-the colors are beautiful. Summer has it's moments-the fresh cut grass smell and winter is nice too. Blanket of white.
T- tag. Lilly
U- unknown fact about me: I was junior fire marshall when I was 12. I loved writing tickets out to teachers for all sorts of infractions. I was such authoritarian figure back then.
V- vegetable you don't like: Lima beans. I hate their texture. It's grossing me thinking about them.
W- worst habit: Procrastinating.
Y- your favorite food? I love so many things, but I'll say Thai and Indian. I sometimes crave a good old fashioned burger.
Z- zodiac? Aries. I'm a mars girl all the way.


Sean Carter said...

Hey this is quite cool...you got a good thing here...now i'll have to try this out sometime....and hey i'd also like you yo visit my blog sometime and check out some more cool stuff i've posted there...so visit soon and while you're at it do share your thoughts!!!!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I take it back, I just looked outside and now it is SNOWING!!!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I just posted a comment that didnt end up going through I think, saying it is foggy and 40 here and no snow and then I looked outside and it is snowing!...re: the jeans...Express of all places has them straight legged, and that is all I buy

JC said...

Wow, that was quick. It took me several days to do my list after being tagged.

I love Thai food too. I almost put it on my list.

I used to hate lima beans, now they don't bother me. I used to whine when my mom would serve limas.

Those palmetto bugs are very digusting!

paintergirl said...

Sean-Thanks for stopping by, I'm a little confused about the puff tissues and valentines day cupid.

stepping-I will have to check express out. Thanks for the tip! And I was really hating that fog.

jc-for a second I panicked. I thought maybe I needed to come up with my own alphabet. That would have taken me awhile. I think I could eat thai a couple of times a week. Pad thai, curry, red curry. And thai iced tea... I also couldn't go without a good black bean burrito once a week either.

Margaret said...

palmeto bugs make me shudder, so gross, so scary

paintergirl said...

Margaret-It is one of the joys for me to not be in the south anymore because of those damn palmetos.

acukiki said...

Great answers but you're wrong about lima beans. (=

paintergirl said...

no way jose-not going near the limas.

Lilly said...

Oh oh! That 'tag' thing -- what exactly does it mean? :-)

paintergirl said...

Lilly oh lilly ah-it means you get to do a Lilly abc when you get the time.:)

Lilly said...

Ah! Thanks for the translation -- I'll get down to it ASAP. Off sick again today so who knows?

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