16 January 2007

And your horse naturally won....

We had a very busy weekend. It's the beginning of a huge journey, in every aspect.

Decided to go back up to Plattsburgh and check everything out. See if we still loved it as much as we did in the summer. No complaints. I want to move now.

This picture above is when we were about to start our drive in the Adirondacks. You can see the fog. I love these mountains. I love mountains in general, but these really are special. It's just a feeling I have about them.
Now we are in the range and clear. Somewhat. We were about half way through the mountains when it started snowing. The little man had to use the potty and we stopped at a really nice rest area. The spooky part was no one was there. It creeped me out. My husband and I didn't say at the time, but we were both concerned that the weather was going to be worse ahead. We were wrong. The skies cleared and it was a clear blue day for the last 40 minutes. Had a lovely time on the mini holiday. My son was jazzed because he got to go swimming at 7.30 in the morning.

The drive coming back was different. The part I was worried about was the mountains, but it was majestic.

It's a little blurry but I love this big sheet of ice. All of the pines were dusted with snow. It looks like another world.

After Saratoga Springs is when we hit sleet, and rain and more crappy rain. Stopped in Glen Falls and had a coffee. If you are ever in this area,check it out because it's the cutest city.

Then we reached Bear Mountain and it was fog. Fog like I have never seen. The kind of fog that sailors tell stories about. Or it's the inside/out fog from the Simpsons.

Happy to be home. Getting ready for the next step.

*Watched the rest of season 5 of Six Feet Under. I just sobbed my way through the last episode.


kristen said...

Glenn Falls and Bear Mountain have such strong memories for me. Before the girl, we hiked a lot in our first few years of marriage. We drove all around the Catskills and lower Adirondacks and hiked the gorgeous, lush landscape of upstate NY. I heart NY state. There is something magical about the woods, especially for this Cali native. Move on upstate PG, I know you and Melvin will be living your dream. xo

but how about a concert in nyc before you leave? (= seriously.

JC said...

I'm glad you all had a nice trip. I love mountains, we have absolutely nothing even approaching mountain-dom here. We have some things that pass for hills sometimes, but you probably wouldn't even notice them! And I love the Simpsons reference!

As far as 6FU, I lost my s when the end montage started. I still think of it when I hear that song that they played.

paintergirl said...

kristen-Isn't it just lovely up there? I love the Hudson River but man do I love those mountains. The creeks that look so black and cold.It is magical. You'll have to come see us!
A concert!!! I would love that to bits. I have only seen one concert in NYC and that was Marianne Faithful about 100 eons ago. Maybe somehow we could do this.

jc-I can relate with the no mountains. I couldn't think of a flatter state than Florida. Visiting my grandma in PENNSYLVANIA (Say it like Homer)was always so exciting. Until I saw the Alps, then I saw the Colorado rockies. Now these mountains are stunning and they make me feel calm when I see them.
Oh and that Simpsons-I still have to close my eyes when Santa's Little Helper comes in. It's a friggin cartoon but it grosses me out. I love it, but it just freaks me a little.
6FU, will be with me for a long time. It was brilliant.

Rose said...

WOWEEEEE! What magnificent scenery. Really beautiful. Your posts remind me that I am not taking enough photos. Must be remedied! Glad your trip went well. Hope your planning is going well.

paintergirl said...

Hey Rose-I want to see pictures of New Zealand please. Yes, yes, and yes!

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