21 January 2007

Trisha wears No. 5...

Another crazy as heck weekend. I bought a paper shredder on Friday, and the whole family has been treating it like a toy. You cannot however shred ties or hair. Darn. It took 2 days to shred 10 years worth of important documents. I felt like Fawn Hall. I almost asked Jos. to put an army shirt so he could pretend to be Ollie North, but I remembered I don't get very excited over anything related to the military.

Today I was building a cat house-yes yes. Everyone knows I have a 4 year old. No one realizes though that my son is the keeper of all the cats in the world. Our house is getting really cramped. Today he told me we have all the animals on the whole earth in our house. His words exactly. Even buffalo.

So I was building a Lego cat house, and listening to the new Sparks, called Hello Young Lovers. One song struck me as really funny and I wanted to share. It's called Perfume.
Here is how it starts off
Genevieve wears Dior
Margaret wears Tresor
Mary Jo wears Lauren
But you don't wear no perfume.

Next verse is more women's names then the chorus is
That's why I want to spend my life with you.

It made me think about all the perfumes I have worn over the years.
I wore Heaven Scent as a girl. Then when I was a preteen I wore this great perfume called Blue Denim. I thought Bonne Bell made it, but I'm not sure.
The next few years are vague. When I was a senior in high school, someone gave my mom a bottle of Channel 5. I loved the stuff. I started getting into vintage clothes and loving Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, so the perfume fit. Until my trig teacher asked me why I was wearing a perfume for old ladies, then I never wore it again.
My college days, I wore Beautiful by Estee Lauder.

Then I started to ease off on the scents. Working and being forced to smell horrible colognes in very small spaces makes a person rethink scents.
Maybe it was when we started taking yoga and our teacher told the class not to wear any.

Today, I use scented body lotion which gives a hint of smell. My husband has blessed with by keeping me in Marc Jocobs. I love the smell and the bottle is nice a sleek. if I don't have that, well it's no smell.

My question to my blog friends, what scents have you worn in the past and what do you wear now?


kristen said...

I've worn Angel by Thierry Mugler for years, it's the one constant that I love. I used to wear Samsara in my 20's and there was a Fracas period as well.
Chanel Madamoiselle worked for a 6 month period, now I have an almost full bottle of expensive perfume that gives me a headache. Same goes for Jo Malone. Lately I've been intrigued by L'Artisian parfumes.

jos said...

don't forget your marc jacobs, paintergirl

paintergirl said...

Kristen-I will admit that I have only heard of Madamoiselle. There are quite a few that are so strong. After having the house up for sale, I was always shocked by perfumes smells left behind. It's just as bad as smoke.

jos-crazy, I said Marc Jacobs.

Rose said...

As a teen I wore Charlie (yuck!), then in my early twenties it was White Linen by Estee Lauder (so clean and fresh). I went for years when the kids were young wearing hippy stuff - Karma - that was actually quite nice but very overpowering. I moved city and changed to Ysatis by Givenchy. For the last four years it's been Odeur 71 by Commes des Garcons. I have to send over to the US for it and I love it.

paintergirl said...

Rose- I remember Charlie.One of my sisters wore it. I can even sing the song. They had a great design campaign. I have always liked Estee Lauder fragrances. Have to check out Odeur 71.

JC said...

I used to wear White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor, then I switched to J. Lo. Now I wear the Paris Hilton perfume.

OK, not really. I used to wear cheap cologne when I was in junior high. Back then I craved a bottle of Drakkar Noir but it was much too expensive. For many years now I have been sans fragance. At least added fragrance.

I have a paper shredder and I shred anything even remotely revealing.

paintergirl said...

jc-I knew you would work Paris Hilton into this, at least you don't wear britney. I would have to have a serious talk with you.
My dad wore old spice forever, don't most dad's wear that? He had some crazy 70's style stuff sitting around, but OS was it for him.

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