13 December 2006

When I'm a walkin....

I am in a mood today. I knew it because of the rain. Our real estate agency called yesterday to show the house today. This morning I cancelled. The people still showed up. I double locked the door and let Emily bark at them. I just don't trust strangers coming into the house right before Christmas.
This is what I feel like doing. Just pour it right in. It looks like I'm about to take a sacrement.

I got this in the mail yesterday. Really started me off in a bad mood.
And the letter adressess me as Pat. URggggh! I was so mad I threw my gum out of the window while driving and I almost ran off the road. Goes to show you you should not drive when you are mad.

*This letter which is now gone, was a rejection letter from a gallery asking for submissions for a small painting show. Buh. The worst part is they sent my business card back too.


Anonymous said...

jc again

That's a funny picture with the pitcher. You know, the way some people say that those two words sound the same!

I can't read the letter that pissed you off! Now I'm pissed off!

paintergirl said...

Is it just me or is blogger in general not so great? I thought changing would help, but it's worse.

Ah ha-I didn't even think about that pitcher/picture. How silly of me. I just felt like pouring coffee right into my mouth.

So the letter. It's gone now, but it's a rejection letter from a gallery. I tried adding the explantion to my post but I couldn't.

Margaret said...

mad driving's the most dangerous ever, worse than drinking or cell talking or eating

paintergirl said...

It's like a blind rage. it is BAD!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

oh this all makes me laugh!! even though it sucks. hope the days get better the closer to christmas it gets!

paintergirl said...

Stepping-The really funny thing is almost running off the road. I knew when I was doing it-"Don't do this-you have problems at drive thru's=don't do it"

and the realtors that came by were in such a huff they threw their business card on the porch. I guess they showed me.

David said...

The Fall: 'I drank a jar of coffee and then I took some of these, and now I'm totally wired.'

Wish I'd kept all my reject letters, then I could collage the bastards into something appropriately rude.

paintergirl said...

I'm totally wired...I have to go listen to that david.

Hey that's a great idea to make a proper collage. I burned all my old grad school rejection letters.

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