13 December 2006

Hey..do you want to go out?

A song placed in my itunes folder by Melvin....does anyone remember it? The chorus is "A, E, I, O, U....sometimes...Y" it was by Ebn-Ozn. Now do you guys remember...

Over at Neil's he is talking about Blog crushes. I wanted to see what everyone thinks about reading other peoples comments and such. Say you read someone's blog (a blog friend) and respond, and then they respond and other people write too and then they get responded to as well-how likely are you to read what other people write? Is there an etiquette-should a person not really read others comments?

Today up by the Hudson-it's rainy. My dad's description of today's weather popped into my head while I was washing dishes, staring at the fog covered mountains. He would call it a soft Irish morning. I miss his sweetness.

*So I'm not thrilled with the NEW blog format. I'm feeling somewhat unloved and sad.


Anonymous said...

It's jc, I haven't made friends with beta yet!

Sorry, I don't remember that song!

I sometimes like to come back and read all the comments that people have made, but I don't do it as much as I used to. But if I know that the blogger typically responds in comments (such as yourself), I will come back to see if they replied to my comment.

paintergirl said...

I wonder if I can post it. It's a very strange 80's song. Anyway...

I like reading other comments, and the responses too. I don't read too many blogs and lately it's been hectic with the holidays.

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