14 December 2006

I'd rather have chew toys, than yule logs...

Last week there were fireworks on Bear Mountain across the river from us. It's not easy capturing images , but I think this one is odd. Strangely it looks like the moon behind the trees.

This is a new painting. It's on watercolor paper. I have always loved working on paper instead of canvas. I just like the look of it.
So I want to try a series of these. Fire houses or something like that.


jc said...

Love the painting! The flames look really nice.

Word verification: emaal. Like email's dumb younger brother.

paintergirl said...

Thanks jc! The fire house looks really creepy in real life. I saw these photos a year or two ago, and the photographer stages these actors in unsettling scenes that just occured. They are strange, and I would like to do these paintings in that vein.

Margaret said...

oooo, I like the light in the fire!

paintergirl said...

Thanks Margaret!

David said...


paintergirl said...

Thanks David!

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