23 December 2006

Toys galore scattered on the floor, there's no room for more.

Here is the tree. It's pink and I was very proud of myself when I bought it in the Highland neighborhood in Atlanta where we used to live. I thought, someone should take a picture of me walking down the street carrying this 4 foot tinsel tree.

We bought it out of much consideration over the real trees that we bought in the past, then discarded after the holiday.

Growing up in Florida we ALWAYS had the same fake green tree, and the day after Thanksgiving my sister and I would put it together. By the time I was a teenager, the color tips on the ends of the rusted tree branches were faded. My sis and I would just chuck the branches into various sizes. We knew by experience which branches went where. We could put together the tree blindfolded. Have the whole tree lighted and decorated by the time my mom came home. My dad just smiling, and saying the tree was crooked.

I grew up with that, but when I got married, I wanted a change. I really wanted a beautiful smelling tree. I loved all the trees we bought. They were so lovely. One year in Atlanta it started to snow when we went to the tree lot. Melvin was interviewed by a news channel because there was such a uniqueness about the weather and buying a tree. It was a very northern and romantic moment for me.

Then I started to feel very guilty. I love trees too much to do this to them. So we bought a pink Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

I also have a sort of complex about not getting rid of Christmas decorations. Anyone familiar with "Rudolph" and the Island of Misfit toys, will understand me when I say, I have the tree of misfit decorations. The bear in the top pic has lost both eyes and lost the pom off of one of his drum sticks. Still he goes on the tree. He has a special job too you know.
This is a little elf man who lost both arms in a tragic toy shop accident but still hangs on the tree with pride. I especially love the little fresh knit cap he's wearing.

Peace to all. Merry Merry!!


Lilly said...

Hear! Hear! fellow THREE-HUGGER :-D
Keep the trees alive :-D

Wishing you, hubby and the wee man a merry Christmas :-D

Love + hugs,
The Danish Pastry

jc said...

Love the pink tree! We used to always have real trees when I was a kid, but I have since become a fan of the faux tree. Your ornaments remind me of mine, I have some dating back to 1972 that are in pretty bad shape.

paintergirl said...

peace Lilly! And now a very Happy New Year to you and Alan!!

Hey jc-I think my mom gave me some of the sad little guys. I just cannot part with them. it would be like throwing away some Christmas spirit. I know that sounds silly but I just don't have the heart to get rid of my eyeless drummer bear.

Lilly said...

Likewise, girl, likewise :-D

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