20 December 2006

Gonna rock the Christmas tree...

OK everyone go-check out Citizen of the Month and listen to all of the lovely songs for Christmahanukwanzaakah. I don't know how Neil did it but he got my very large document of a song up on the list as well. The jingling is a ball of bells. This is my first and only web song for the masses. I was inspired when I heard Daniel Johnston sing it.


kristen said...

I listened to you, you sound really good PG!

paintergirl said...

Thanks Kristen-I worried I was going to be "The Bad Music" portion of the show. I was going to sing Slade's famous xmas song, but it was far too long and I don't know all the words.

David said...

That is focken brilliant! Very well done.

paintergirl said...

Yo David! I think you and Rose are the only other ones on the planet that know Daniel Johnston. One day I'd like to sing Speeding Motorcycle.

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