15 December 2006

Everyone's a superhero, everyones a Captain Kirk

Today I was in super girl cleaning mode. I have this desire to purge. It really clears my head to remove things in the physical realm.

In my haste though, I broke a very lovely fish bowl. It used to have the catfish in it, and countless of other beautiful goldfish. I loved that bowl. But if I ever had to leave in an emergency, I would have left it behind. So it's OK it's broken, I'm just a little sad that I probably broke it subconsciously.

In the past, it's always when I am rushing that I break things. I broke a lovely glass terrarium for my orchid because I HAD to move the dresser immediately-(I was rearranging the bedroom.)
I moved pots around in the kitchen cupboard in a haphazard fashion and one thing led to another, and a pot fell on a glass decanter I bought for Melvin one Christmas.

I have problems with glass. I love glass but I have a rough history with it. I hate to think that I get rid of things by breaking them. Especially the ones that I love.


JC said...

I'm a lot more of a chipper than a breaker. I have several chipped glasses, it drives me nuts.

I need to clean my house, it's been neglected for far too long.

paintergirl said...

Oh I chip too, then it breaks.

I like purging the house before the New Year. We take it seriously. Over the years we have adopted some Chinese New Year traditions. Clean the house, allow fresh air in, that sort of thing.

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