11 December 2006

West End girls...

It was the week that I cancelled Family cable...

Isn't ironic that the week I get rid of all of those cable channels, we all get sick and are homebound? That is how funny my life is. There are other channels, oh let's say in the 100's that are just as good. I'm lucky to have those. I may not have Comedy Network but we have Noggin and THE TUBE. Not You Tube, but The Tube. If you were as addicted to MTV like I was, this will be a truly wonderful station to go to every once in a while. I forgot how much I liked "Shock The Monkey". Seeing Simon LeBon run through the jungle in "Hungry Like the Wolf" made me realize he looked like a young Malcom McDowell.

So we watched too much tv. I was worried my son would get used to it, but he's fine, and now we laugh about all the shows we watched.

I lost my Christmas spirit which was harsh. I didn't care about anything and was in some sort of sick funk. I'm better now. We all went to The New York Botanical Gardens in The Bronx to see this Train Show. Very cool. All of these historic NYC buildings are made out of natural earthy things, and models trains zoom in and around them and the plants. That was uplifting. (Of course seeing all the orchids and my pitcher plants helped too.) So yesterday I put lights up and I'm very pleased. Today I will work on my cards.

Also, and this is huge. My crack/prostitute neighbors moved out! Hooray!! Their landlord raised the rent and they couldn't pay it. I know the owner must have been bugged by the city to do something. That still doesn't change my mind about moving. The schools are still horrible.


JC said...

I remember when my parents finally got cable in 1985. I was 13 and totally into MTV at the time. I used to love going to my grandparents' or aunt's house before we had cable because they had it. "Shock the Monkey" was one of my favorite songs when it came out. I loved "West End Girls" too. I could go on forever with '80s songs I loved...

I'm glad your Christmas spirit is returning, and glad the crack hoes are gone!

paintergirl said...

My parents got cable AND bought a vcr in 1984. Rocked my world! Over summer vacation my best friend and I would stay up all night watching videos. Don't get me started...I have been listening to "Turning Japanese" and "You're Everywhere and I'm Not". Now if I could catch a video of Adam Ant I would be doing really well.

The crack hoes-it is nice. I think it's why I put lights up. It was my rejoicing.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I am LIVING for tv right now. Going into week 2 with sick kids! The little one finally fell asleep in front of it!


paintergirl said...

I don't know what I would have done without tv. I mean really. 2nd week in a row? You must be going nuts!

As for the crackies. It's amuzing but not at 2 in the morning when they are yelling at their pimps, and throwing beer bottles in the street. Then have friends over and pull guns out. I think I got an extra 40 white hairs after that little charade. the police swat team showed up for it.

Oh-and this is the observation I have made. They really don't live on the same schedule as a regular people. They sleep all day and don't get up until 10pm.

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