13 November 2006

If you skate, upon thin ice, you'd be wise, if you thought twice...

Over the weekend we took a day drive up to Beacon, New York. Though it has some of the same problems as our town of Stinksville, this town has many more cool shops and restaurants. I know I should have taken the camera but I was too excited about leaving our sad little town. We had a nice little fish and chips lunch, checked out some art and had a nice day.

House for sale update-well no one in their right mind will want to move into a new house at the end of December. Our realtor hasn't called me in 3 weeks. No one has looked at our house in 2. Melvin and I discussed kicking the sale sign down. I told him the week before Christmas we'll do it.

We also bought early presents for ourselves. Hey why shouldn't we buy something that we want? Right? We do not have money to just toss away.

After seeing this Helen Reddy type cook on TV, I just had to have a hand blender. I was mesmerized. I'm not usually like this. It was $20 and I can't wait to use it. I hope my family likes soup because this winter will be eating it all the time.

Melvin (for my new blogging friends, this is my husband's fake name. He has said he always liked this name. I usually just think of the band The Melvins, and picture the drummer, Buzzo) so Melvin wanted a new winter jacket. He found one he liked online, and I told him we could probably find it at the mall for him to try on. We found it and it's very nice. A puffy coat, but not over the top. It's fitted and that's something he needs.

We sat in the food court and this always poses a problem for us. I said we should feel lucky that we were able to go to the mall and find exactly what it was we wanted, had the money and leave with it.

The problem occurs when we start thinking about society and the downfall there of. The mall. The worst village scenario. And the people all looking so depressed and not very healthy. It's almost like it's an epidemic and you don't want to catch it. I always feel dirty both physically and mentally after a mall trip.


Margaret said...

The January is the magic month for seeling a house in my area of the world.... mall food courts are a depressing place.

Margaret said...

selling, have you noticed I can't spell in connents?

JC said...

I know what you mean about the mall. There's a giant mall here that I avoid like the plague. It's also surrounded by every store and restaurant you can imagine. The whole area is just a giant vortex of consumerism, and it freaks me out. Consumerism bothers me, and yet being raised in this country has automatically immersed me in it my whole life, and I can't entirely divorce myself from it.

paintergirl said...

margret-December and January here-probably February too because of the snow. Isn't that a drag-now we'll have to wait until March to put the house back up on the market. BUH! Food mall courts...if I se one more person eating nachos drenched in cheese, I'm going to scream.

jc-I know, it's the whole capitalism/comsumerism. Lucky to have it there, but sad to buy things, but then happy with some too.

paintergirl said...

I mean margaret, complete and utter jerk for missspelling your name. I think I used to spell barbara, barbra.

acumamakiki said...

I hate the mall. The mall stresses me out, I get overwhelmed with all the choices and then suddenly, I'm buying a lipstick and rushing for the main doors.
We were in a very sim. situation when we sold our apartment in Brooklyn to move here to the burbs. Our apartment was amazing and because we put it on the market in December, it sat for a few weeks and yo, it shouldn't have sat, it was an amazing apartment (big sigh!) and when we finally sold it, we took less $$ because we needed to get rid of it (we were carrying 2 mortgages).
If you do have to kick down the sign until early spring, it's not the worst thing and you'll probably sell much faster because of it.

paintergirl said...

kiki-I bet you hated to sell the apt. Where was it in Brooklyn?
Yea-we can't do anything until we sell the house. At least we have time to look around and not have to be in a new place for the holidays.

marybishop said...

I hate malls, but I do love people watching and last time at the mall I was sitting on a bench waiting for husband to return and totally amazed at the dazed and or depressed demeanors of the passersby.

Watching them made me feel extra good about myself and my life on the way home -- I don't believe on my worst day I look or feel like that.

Take the house off the market as number of days on the market is one of the criteria used by realtors to suggest putting in a low bid.

"Yup, this house has been on for 230 days, they have to be dying to get rid of it. Why don't you toss in a lowball?"

Then when you put it back on, you start your number of days back to 0 so it's like turning back an odometer.

paintergirl said...

mary-I think I have to keep the house up until our contract ends, which is something like 90 days. No people have already lowballed from the starting gate. These are people coming form Long Island. It is pointless to have the sign up anymore.

If I'm not careful, I soak up peoples feelings, that's why the downtrodden folk at the mall really have a terrible affect on me.

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