09 November 2006

The dog just bit my leg...

Our tv is officially dead. There were 2, not 1, but 2 power surges today and this has killed the tv. I'm a little sad because I'm missing Earl. At least this didn't happen yesterday before Lost. (And what is this about not having a new show until FEBRUARY? Did they show 6 episodes?)

Today has been one of those days that everyone and everything tries really hard to mess with my good karma. Trying to throw me off. My I Ching even said I had to be careful not to throw anyone off. ME? I'm the one keeping everyone else going. BUH. I'm still ok though. I have remained calm. I have written letters the the Better Business Bureau and I feel satisfied. Of course getting my money back will be a lovely thing but I'm not holding my breath.


JC said...

Ya gotta get a good surge protector for your electronic equipment. There are tons of power surges these days what with the rickety electrical grid.

Lost being off until February pisses me off. It sounds like a really stupid idea to me, I bet they end up bringing it back sooner.

acumamakiki said...

same for me PG! i keep wondering what it is.....stepped in dog shit that some neighbor left in our leaf pile, got it all stuck up in my birk clogs (you know the grid soles)and then onto the legs of my jeans. yesterday i had 5 patients, now i have 2 with a 5 hour break in between. and oh yeah, i also am paying a babysitter because there's no school here today, pfft.
in happier thoughts though, please say YES that we'll find each other at the parade ~ it would be a sorry moment for me, to not see you esp. with the move and all.

Margaret said...

It's painful to loose a friend like TV.

paintergirl said...

jc-Ok so it's not dead. whew! I know I know the surge protector. The computer is on one. When we get a new tv, we will get one then.

kiki-Dog poo in the fall! Poop!! We have a dog and I curse her, but it's not her fault. The leaves and poop just blend. But not picking up in your yard!@! Creep. This is the most important time of year to pick up after your dog.

No school?
Oh heck yea! Promise me we'll hook up and drink hot coco and laugh at all the actors lip synching. All of the young actors that I'll have no idea who they are.

margaret-she's back and not dead. yea! I could watch The Office and I made peace with her. Here I thought we would be shopping for a new tv this weekend.

Neil said...

I have a surge protector and I've always heard these power surges, I just never actually heard of one happening... and killing a TV. How do you know it was a power surge? What exactly happens? And does the power company bear some responsibility?

paintergirl said...

ok so it didn't kill the tv. I'm just a politically incorrect retarded girl.

I have had a power surge it it destroyed a phone. I think it's a power surge when the electricity goes on and off. Lightening strikes can be classified as power surges. We had our tv blow up when I was a kid by a lightening power surge. Also called Voltage spikes.(good band name huh?)

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