14 November 2006

I often kid you when there's no one else around...

New painting from today. I hope someone would tell me if I couldn't paint. I have talked about my flashes of grandeur. Some days I question myself.


Margaret said...

I love the bright red! It makes me happy.

paintergirl said...

Thanks Margaret! Red is a good color for Tuesday. And green for Friday.

JC said...

I like it!

I want to take up painting someday.

Anonymous said...

this painting would go great in my livingroom...i love it!

paintergirl said...

jc-thanks man

you should when you are done with school.

my pink sky-hey ya, long time
thanks. would you really like to buy it?

marybishop said...

I love Big Fish/Little Fish painting! That's what I see and your use of color is brilliant! You just keep getting better though it must be hard to top your previous work.

paintergirl said...

oh Mary you are very sweet. I am hoping to start to enter some work in contests soon.

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