03 November 2006

I want some new kind of kick...

Just for laughs on this Friday

Paintergirl asks these 3 important questions.

1-What is your cell phone ring?
2-What strange item do you carry in your wallet?
3-If you were a character on the BBC show "Coupling" who would you be and why?

My answers
1-Heart of Glass by Blondie
2-5 Euros. In case I ever find myself in Europe and I need to get a cup of coffee.
(A girl can wish)
3-Sally. Definitely in the way she is afraid of looking old. I must moisterize 3 times a day. Oh and I must have at least 4 different face washes to boot.

Cheers everyone and have a lovely weekend!


Margaret said...

I don't know what my cell phone ring is called, but I keep a set of scedrivers in my purse, it suprising how often they prove useful.

paintergirl said...

Ok Margaret I'm hoping you meant screwdrivers. My brain is not quite with it today. I can picture you being miss helpful pulling these out and performing girl scout wunderkin mom duties!

RitaPita said...

1). Ringtones. Okay, I have many.

Hole - Miss World. For when Robin (hot mama) calls, also for old high school friends.

Bjork - All is Full of Love. This becomes my default when I am in a good mood.

Divinyls - I Touch Myself. For when hot boys call me.

Peter Gibbins (from office space) - "I don't like my job, and, uh, I don't think I'm gonna go anymore". For when work calls, of course.

I used to have Blondie, 'Call Me', but I somehow deleted it. Sigh.

2). I don't carry a wallet, but I should. In my purse? Everything. I am like MacGyver, but with much better hair.

3). I have no idea what the hell Coupling IS. Maybe if i spent less time downloading ringtones I could work less and watch tv more.

acumamakiki said...

Ringtone - Round and Round by New Order

Strange item in purse - purple stone with power etched into the face.

I don't watch Coupling so I can't say who I'd be. (=

paintergirl said...

Rita-I never realized you could have so many...you are so funny. I always think of Austin Powers when I hear the Divinyls now. Those Fembots. I love Bjork. I think moms have to be prepared. One never knows what you'll be up against. You should see if your libraary has Coupling. I used to watch it in Atlanta on PBS Saturday nights. I just love my Brit sitcoms.

Kiki-New Order? Where did you get NO? Where is the purple stone from?
You should look for Coupling-if you use Netflix they have it. I'm still so happy you finally watched Me and You.

Margaret said...


JC said...

1. I don't have a cell phone. I already have a good ring picked out if I ever get one, though. It's called "Where'd the Cheese Go?" by Ween. They did it for a Pizza Hut commercial a few years ago. Pizza Hut decided they didn't want it, so then they recorded a decidedly non-TV friendly version. I could use both!
2. A miniature laminated copy of my college diploma. That's what the Association of Former Students gives out as membership cards.
3. I haven't seen it. But if they have a dorky,loner nerd then I'm that guy!

paintergirl said...

jc-That's very funny about the song.I used to carry my miniture diploma. But what is so nerdy I shrunk it myself and laminated it too. Pathetic.
Ok-I'll do a nice little post about Coupling because I like for my Blog friends to know of some things that are out there that they may not be aware of.

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