02 November 2006

And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes...

I will be the first to admit, I am a terrible photographer. Just because I'm a painter, does not make me a very good person behind the lens. Honest.

With that out of the way, here are some Halloween fotos.

The haunted house I made for the little man. The weather was so terrible up here in New York over the weekend. I felt sorry for my boy, stuck in the house. So I made this house and I told him we could keep it up until Halloween.

Our cat pumpkin, because we are a cat family.

And here I am as Groucho Marx as a mad doctor who created my little Frankenstein. This is my favorite, my 4 year old took it.

Both of us went out shopping dressed up on Halloween. Not too many liked us this way. I can't tell you how many very frightened looks I got because I had on a wig and I wore a bathrobe.


marybishop said...

Love the photos and would have loved to see you in the bathrobe!!

How creative to make a cat pumpkin!

Onward now to Thanksgiving thoughts and tchotchkes...I only have one thing -- a turkey candle holder but it's a huge turkey with lots of holes where they light shines up and out into a million "stars" on the dining room ceiling....gotta go get it now as I just put away my last witch!

Margaret said...

I love the haunted house! Why is it that painting skills don't translate into photographic skills?

paintergirl said...

Mary-the bathrobe was very funny. I had my son's teachers laughing. Someone out there appreciates me.

The only thing I have that's Thanksgiving related is a pilgrim couple salt and pepper shaker. I think they are very cute, but are a bit on the rotund side to be pilgrims. I'll take a pic for you. I bought them at Publix years ago when we lived in Atlanta. I miss Publix. sigh.

Margaret-Thanks! I got into the haunted house preparation. I cut out bats and ghosts and sewed them on the sheet.
I have brain blockage when it comes to cameras. I think that cameras should be the artist. I have a hard time with that, and it's completely insane and I know that. I have to work extremely hard in taking a good photo. I mean the stars have to be aligned correctly, there has to be peace in the world, and then I can take a good photo.

JC said...

Cool pumpkin, and I love the photo that the 4 year old took!

paintergirl said...

Thanks jc!

Lilly said...

PG, I love everything about this post -- the images, the outfit you're wearing, the decorations, and your words! :-D Hope you all did have a cracking time despite the weather!

paintergirl said...

Hey Lilly! The haunted house was so much fun to make. I wish I were small enough to curl up inside of it. Our cat would lay inside of it at night and attack the dog. Cat are so evil.

Lilly said...

Yeah, they are a bit, aren't they? I've always been a dog person. The only cat I like is Garfield :-D

paintergirl said...

Oh Lilly-I ahve always had dogs, so has Melvin. But after we lost our dog(ages ago) we got our Siddartha. He is pure evil wonder with one fang. The little man has told me he's going to take care of all the cats in the world.

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